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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kira5683, Dec 23, 2010.

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  1. Evening guys,

    About 3 months ago I sat my first RT test going for 'Communication and Information Systems Specialist'.

    Well I failed and going to re book my test next month for march.
    But the guy that told me hinted I was only 5 off. In case I fail what other branches can I think about going for.

  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Generally, if you are a Test Score Failure (Trade) -TSF(T), the AFCO will tell you what alternative jobs are available at the time with the score achieved.

    It depends in what element you were only "5 off" for CIS.

    If you were 5 below in either the Literacy or Numeracy sections then that means you scored less than 6/30 in either of those sections & there is no alternative available as minimum score is 10/30 in both for any job in the Naval Services.

    If you were "5 off" in overall score, you would have been told which two or three trades were available. If "5 off" in the numeracy & literacy sections, then a lot of revision is required.

    Best of luck for the next test.
  3. Best of luck and REVISE. A lil bit every damn day until you retake. Against the clock too. It will pay off as I assume CIS is what you actually want to do. Best of luck
  4. In addition to this, if having completed secondary education you cannot score more than 10/30 in the English and maths sections I'd like to suggest that you sterilise yourself. Your evidently poor genes are of no value at all the the continued advancement of humankind.

    Wishing you a merry xmas,
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  5. Despite my yoghurt-knitting commie credentials, I have to agree.
  6. Thanks guys I have been going to the library now and then and sitting down using there RT and other test books for the forces.
    I will be going more often, and if anyone knows of any online places where I can go for tests or print out I would be very grateful

    and captainobvious yes I have I am in college now doing a IT practitioners course.
  7. Well then in that case I'll lay off! What the world ABSOLUTELY NEEDS is more people with useless IT qualifications! Actually, we can narrow this down a little... what the PC World sales department needs is more people with useless IT qualifications.

    Sorry to get your hopes up there with the 'world' thing. If anything, what the world needs is less people taking pointless courses in pointless subjects. Especially those who seem to be incapable of passing a test aimed realistically at those with an 11 year old's education, like the RT.

    On a completely different note, I fcking love sesame street.
  8. Actually PC world are the ones who fail the IT courses and will take on anyone that knows what a computer is...

    The only reason I am at college is because I have to wait for the waiting list to go down before I can join any branch and since I like building and fixing computers IT industry is growing hmm.. I should have picked hair dressing. ¬.¬

    Agreed with sesame street.
  9. I like this one. Evidently as thick as mince, but doesn't bite.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The force is strong in this one, Luke.

    As an IT guru, you'll appreciate if you place the mouse thingy icon over the following blue bit & click the left hand button twice quickly, et voila :wink: :
  11. I only had to click once does that mean I can be the CEO of Microsoft now?
  12. GCSE Bitesize Kira......really good place for revision :)
  13. So you're a mechanic. Forgive me if I don't drop to my knees and blow you off.

    Yours ever,

    An utter IT genius.
  14. Kira

    Surely the question should be what other trades interest you .....if none ticks the box then you need to concentrate on geting the scores for the trade that does. I know that sounds harsh but you are entering a process that takes time and effort on both your and others parts, as well as a shed of money to do a trade for potentially a long time - so think carefully please and don't just grab at straws just so that you can enter the RN.

    I don' t know if they are of the same calibre, but WH Smiths to practice booklets for the 11 plus which may help with the maths and english side of things
  15. I think nearly everyone I know can build and fix computers it's not difficult. Most people I know can also set up LAN/WAN networks, Programme in HTML, Java, C++ etc and they never went to college it's just what they picked up when working for a living. The IT industry is a lot harder to get into nowadays and you need to know what you want to do within it. The only thing that course will qualify you for is PC world or Admin type jobs i.e. data entry.
  16. What was that IT problem you were having again, the other evening? :p 8O :D
  17. I think it was more of an eyesight problem to be fair, lucky you were there with your mighty IT Practitioner PHD to spot the space.
  18. It was a spacebar awareness course actually :D Happy Christmas mate!

  19. Not sure what other branches you could join, but if its CIS you want to do then your better off just doing some revision and making sure you don't fail :p no point being stuck in a job you don't enjoy just because you didn't score high enough on RT. When i sat mine (i'm also going in as CIS), i borrowed some of the books from the library and sat, for 4 night shifts in a row at work, going through questions! On the morning of my test, i finished work at 8am and had to be at the office for 9am! I managed to pass first time.
    If you put the effort in, there's no reason why you shouldn't pass!

    Good Luck :)
  20. I thought all that was needed for someone to join as a wren was the ability to lie on your back, with legs open?

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