My Royal Navy selection interview experience

Hello all, I’m writing this quick thread as a way to help others whom are preparing for their interview and hoping I can offer some advice for you.

Firstly, my interview was scheduled for 10:00 at my local AFCO, however I arrived with plenty of time spare at roughly 09:30, I made sure I used this time valuably and had a chat with the careers adviser who just so happened to be doing the role in which I applied for, which allowed me to gain information for the role in which may not necessarily be available online. This is why I would always recommend as part of your interview prep to go to your AFCO and speak directly with someone who is/has served. At exactly 10:00 my advisor took me into the office and the interview started.

He started with questions about myself, my hobbies, how much I help around the house, my current fitness levels, sports I’ve taken part in, examples of team work and who I live with and siblings ect. That was the easiest part of the interview and was rather informal, even having a joke with the advisor about where I currently work. Following on from this he started to ask me questions regarding the role I have chosen, make sure you do plenty of prep for this part, he asked me to name a few counter mine vessels and asked if I knew about any current deployments (all available on RN website). He asked me about what training I will do, such as the 10 week at HMS Raleigh and my professional training at HMS Collingwood. Also make sure you know the Royal Navy contract like the back of your hand, how many years you’ll sign up for, minimum you can do ect.

The one bit of advice I’ll give is do plenty of prep and don’t be nervous at all! It’s so informal and more like a conversation with a friend.

Also, answer the questions honestly, the advisors aren’t thick and can see right through you.

They will also tell you the outcome there and then, so no waiting around.

Hope this helps.