my rather large in box

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by wompingwillow, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. been like this for a couple of days now, thought I was uber popular ...bu sadly when you click on it it's empty!

  2. So many double-entendre opportunities, so little time......
  3. :thumright: fill your boats, tried to think of a way to word it that wouldn't get rude comments but couldn't so thought sod it!
  4. Well I'm unclear on whether the issue is.

    Are you concerned that your box is over-full and needs carefully emptied, avoiding spillage, or are you wanting it filled to the fullest extent possible?
  5. Tempted as I am by womps big box :cyclopsani: , I felt it necessary to point it out that 65535 divided by 1024 is 64k :glasses9: .... Is your box artificially enhanced, or do the collars match the cuffs :afro:
  6. ermmmmmmmmm you could just fidlle about with it a bit womps.. see what happens.... :blush: :censored: :nike:
  7. We could all fiddle with womps and you JC, know you like to fiddle ;-)

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