My own GP doing my medical?!

Ok so slightly strange question...after struggling to get hold of any medical notes prior to my medical (thought I'd help and hurry things along by bringing letters with me) I was informed my gp is off until next week and he's the only one who can write the letter. My medical is Wednesday 22nd.

So I was ok with that and just sat checking out the address for next week to make sure I got the right place...and turns out it's actually my own GP performing my medical!!

Will this be an issue? Should I tell someone? Or will this actually make things quicker as he won't have to write a letter to himself asking for my medical history? must say I didn't see this coming haha
Sounds to me like you have struck gold.

Crack on with it, you should at least complete the medical aspect of selection without significant delay.
Haha ninja that's kind of what I was hoping...woohoo!! Not saying I'll pass it first time but the fact it's my own doctor should make it a whole lot less of a faff! :D

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