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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2_deck_dash, Jul 28, 2010.

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  1. Decided to go for a pint last night and fancied something a little different.

    Ended up in a little bar called Latelys, cheap beer, nice garden, dance floor with cheesy as fcuk music and it stays open until 2am on week nights, 3am at weekends. It had the feel of many a duty watch bar with gash gizzits hanging from the wall etc. The place seemed strangely homely and familiar for some reason and then it hit me, this place had to be the work of a matelot. No one else could build and run a place like this in the sleepy suburb of West Hampstead.

    Turns out I was right, the guv is an ex diesel boater, after he discovered I too was an ex matelot, much bezzering was had, dits were swapped and many pints were supped. I now find myself in the undesirable situation of having a stinking hangover and having to show the ex CO of the King's Troop and his guests around the factory in half an hour, but hey ho, it was worth it.

    Latelys, it's my new duty watch bar, what's your's?
  2. That's the one.

    The comments are all justified.

    It is the perfect matelot dive.
  3. Locals are not a good subject at present.
    A good local is a thing to be cherished, but in this yuppie PC correct world, it is also a thing to demolish, and that is exactly what is happening to mine as we speak.
    The Railway Tavern Two Gates Tamworth. This pub was a place of joy, a veritable oasis of relaxation in a world of stress, flashiness, and Plastic.
    The bar was like a pre war sitting room, even down to the johanna, and there was never any trouble, point scoring or "Look at me bull".
    Just good honest down to earth piss taking on occasion with the certain knowledge if you were the "taker" you would be on the receiving end very soon. The kind of place you wiped your feet on the way out.

    Now, a friggin roofless shell. :cry: :cry: :cry:
    Woe woe and thrice times woe.
    Still on the bright side,............there ain't no bright side. :twisted: :twisted:
  4. That's very kind of you, I'll have a pint of bitter please. :wink:
  5. That reminds me of the Viz character Billy Bound, it's always his round.

    Two characters in the bar:

    ''Shite I've left my keys in your car, back in a sec.''

    Billy - ''It's all right I'll get 'em.''

    ''Cheers mate, mine's a Stella, I'm just going to get my keys.''
  6. Rum Ration Christmas Do venue sorted then.
  7. This is Mick the guvnor, anyone recognise him?
  8. My local does dysfunctional family evenings on the second Friday of every month out of the tourist season with discounts for locals and a police escort home if required.
  9. :p Me and my brood qualify. :twisted:
  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Hmm, never went to this one when I lived in Wilnecote many years ago - the Gate Inn used to be my tavern of choice.
  11. Seen that guy in "The Shield " TV series.I'd watch out,he's a nasty bugger!
  12. Latelys looks a bit too "Blue Oyster" for my taste.
  13. Next to W'cote station on the Watling street. Typical having to direct a sandyback around his own town. :D
    Gate at Amington, you wouldn't want to use it now,you need a tracksuit and bling to get in. 8O :cry: :cry:

    The Bulls head rocks as does the Fox at Hopwas and the Chequers.
    I have been in Tamworth now for 25 years, its by and large as good as you get in most places now, the Chavs are still a small minority thank fcuk.
    I will be gone from the place myself next year, we may well be back in Oz if I can coerce my kids to come with me.
  14. Baldy Mick, he was a legend!
  15. I havn't seen him lately 8O
  16. Phil Mitchells lost othe brother, Mick Mitchell . Used to be in Corrie.
    Ex submariner, Emily Nugent had his photo on her mantlepiece.
  17. Really? Was it next to her signed photo of J-D's Bro?

    (I always crept in there when the lights were out so I must have missed it. 8O )
  18. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Twas the Amington one next to the cut that I used to go to, back in 87/88.

    After leaving Tamworth in '88, moved around a bit before heading back to the Midlands in '02 when I moved to the village of Oakthorpe, not too far from Tamworth. With 3 pubs in the village serving Pedigree I never really saw the need for exploring further afield!
  19. Just checked Street View in Google. That pub in Weston Super Mud was the Alfred but looks very closed now. All those lockins ....

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