My mum died the other day....


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Appropriate or not, I feel that I want to announce that my mum died on Friday.

I know that many members here have gone through this but I just want to draw attention to some of her strengths that in the past I haven't really appreciated...

She was the proudest mum in the world when I passed out at Raleigh in 78...
She suffered with EVERY detail the BBC broadcasted about Op Corporate in 82...
She was was even prouder when I returned from OC...
She worried about me when I left the mob...
She supported me through various marriages (attributable to the RN)...
Along with my wife, she is the most treasured person I ever known.

My step dad (ex pongo but forgiven by me) is coping well
My brother (again ex pongo forgiven by me) is coping well, as am I.

Personally, I recognise her as someone who has 'contributed' a significant part of her life to the Armed Forces of this country along with other mums of service men & women and as such deserves this salute.
Condolences to you shippers, my mum died 30 years ago and I can tell you that I still miss her.
My sympathy to you and your family.


Lantern Swinger
Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts about your Mum.
Treasure all those lovely memories
My thoughts and prayers are with you all
My condolences R12, I lost my mother nearly 21 years ago now. She too worried about me every day of Op Corporate, but was also so proud that I was a serviceman. I can understand the pain you feel and I think your mom would have been so touched by your post.
I know how mothers bear the worry and stress of their sons or daughters serving their country. After my mother's death I found a 5 year diary that showed me just how much my joining up had affected her. Reading her words I could see her pride and also her pain as every year I served was marked down in that diary. I join your salute to your mother, and to all mothers that silently support their sons/daughters as they serve.
My heart goes out to you R12. You never appreciate things until they are gone.

I used to drive past my mums street every day and yet only visited her a couple of times a week. It wasn't until after she had gone that I realised what a miserable sod I was as I could easily have just poped in if only for a couple of minutes. But it's no good saying 'if only'.

You just have to remember that she isn't far away, just on the other side of the moon awaiting the reunion with her beloved family.

You take care.
As you know I have suffered loss this year, but at least my mum is here to help me. Don't know what I would do without her. My sympathies.
sorry to hear of your loss shipmate,mums are the force at home keeping all together. its up to those of us who are left to carry on their work with the next generation. I know my mum worried over two sons that served from 1975 to 2008,with a grandson who did four and a half years during that time as well.
God bless all mums.


Lantern Swinger
I can only thank you all for your very kind thoughts and supporting comments.

As I mentioned (and as confirmed by yourselves), I'm not the only one to go through this and I see many people feel the same regarding mums, their strength and total dedication towards their offspring.
I'll be saying a few words at her funeral next week, I'm sure I'll do her proud one last time..!

Thank you all again!
Let us know how you get on. Here in Belfast its all over and done in 3 days. So no time to think, possibly better that way. Stay strong,take care.
post removed as it was quoting the idiot who has now been banned No offence to you, callsign - just getting rid of tripe he's posted on here. :D
My dad died when I was 2, I have no memory of him, youngest of a family of 10 with 6 brothers and 3 sisters. My mam was advised that she could not bring up the family on her own and it would be best if some of the younger ones were fostered out ( only 2 of the elders had left school and found jobs) she refused.
As my dad had been a farm labourer we were in a tied house, farmer said he wanted house for another of his workers, luckily 4 new council houses were nearing completion in our village and mam had first choice.

She did not seek any work untill I was 7 and settled in school, all the brothers joined the forces, 4 mob and 3 perc so she worried a lot but was so proud of us all. She passed on in 93 but we all have our memories as you have of yours mate.

Sorry for your loss matey. I remember how it feels. If you're like me (Heaven forbid), you will be thinking of all the things you never said and, possibly, some of the things you wish you hadn't. Life is one hell of a balancing act.

All strength to you.
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