My latest challenge!

Hey all

It's been a good while since I've posted anything like this on here not since the Wall Run I believe due to a certain person I sort of kept away however I am trying to drum up support.

Since the wall run where I had a DNF after 40 miles I have gone on to completing various Ultra Marathons. Learnt a lot from the DNF.

Now due to receiving bad news of a good friend in April, he's been diagnosed with terminal Oesophageal cancer. He is only 33 years old with an 11 month old son. He's ex army and I've known him for stupid amount of years.

As I can't fix him or do anything for him. I am raising awareness of this type of cancer and hopefully some funds along the way!


On 3rd August I will be running 7 ultra marathons in 7 days from the New Forest to Land's End! New Forest is where he moved from Cornwall to set up home with his young family. During the last leg I will be going via his home he grew up in as well.

So far I have recruited a sports masseuse and a medic for the week, and various runners and ultra runners for the different legs of the event. Some doing it for the same charity some using it for their charity of choice.

I've had small sponsorship in sunglasses at the moment from Sunwise, still trying to get other forms of sponsorship for the event.

Please have a look at the fb page give it a like and a share. I am in the middle of having a website page set up. On the fb page is all the details of the event/sponsorship etc

Edited to add also next year I have a place in the Paris marathon followed the weekend after hopefully by London then two weeks after Hope 24 (24 hour ultra). Will be adding to the list

Thank you for your support in advance

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Really sorry to hear about your friend. He's been dealt a bad hand. Bravo to you for doing something to help. I can't like your fb page as I left that site years ago, but I've made a note to get my fitness mad daughter to do it when she's home with her laundry in a week or two. Best of luck!
I knew and trained with some real Wilsons and Alf Tuppers,foremost John Tarrent the "Ghost runner" if you wish a bit of motivation Google him some time and read of his fight against the "Blazers"Please inform me as to how I can make A donation to your cause.
You can either click on the donation button's on the website.

Or text RUNY78 and an amount either £1,£2,£3,£5 or £10 eg RUNY78 £10 to 70070

Please let me know if you use the buttons via the website and if they don't work as I've not had a donation through that to know.

I will have a gander at "Ghost Runner" thank you for the info
Hello all just an update for those that don't use twitter and fb. I will update my website over the next few days.

Event calendar is starting to fill up nicely for this year.

So far on top of parkruns and smaller local events.

Silverstone Half
the Dark Run
Paris Marathon
Hope24 ultra
Dartmoor Discovery Ultra
Snowdonia Marathon

In total this year I plan on running 37 events including local and parkruns

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He is a legend! I'd love to keep him company on MdS I can't afford the entry fee this year though

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