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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dave11, May 15, 2014.

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  1. Well I have quite a journey ahead of me if I'm to join up. I am ex army having served 5 years. I left in June 2009 and I have decided to join the navy. (I did try joining when I was 15 but failed the literacy section on my test and I have worked with the navy while in the army. I was on a ship called the Dumbarton castle). I went into my nearest careers office the other day to enquire and see what my options where. I had to watch the 30min DVD glorifying the Royal Navy before sitting down with 'the chief' as the very attractive civvy receptionist referred to him as. (Turned out it was the same guy that dealt with me when I was 15). I have submitted my application and I have to wait for the navy to obtain my medical records from Glasgow (the army). When that comes back they have to review that before granting me permission to apply. I then have to go through the normal application process. If I pass everything, I'll get offered a job and if I accept I will get reviewed again before being a member of the Royal Navy and going to training. My waiting time is about 18months (seaman specialist) but I'm hoping that will go down with people leaving the navy and people dropping out of waiting to join. My age comes into play too , I'm 26, so would the RN want someone that age joining or would they prefer a 18/19 year old? Right now, it seems a hell of a long shot on joining. But I'm determined and older and wiser now and I'm going for it. All they can say is no at the end of the day. As stupid as it sounds, the day I'm on the train down to HMS Raleigh will be the day of achievement for me. Good luck to everyone in training and wanting to join. I maybe serving with you one day ;)

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  2. Good luck, I'm 25 and feel more ready to join now than I would of at 18
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  3. Stick with if fellers.
    At 25 you should show more maturity than many younger new entries.
    As for the ex-pongo just remember we dont stamp our feet when coming to attention or Easy and we salute differently.:blob6:
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  4. I start raleigh in july and im 28, on our prnc there was a guy who was 34, if anything being a little older is a good thing, plus we get more time on the run! Not that we need it of course

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  5. im in the same kind of situation..... I came out of royal marines training due to injury (NFA med). I have decided to join the Royal Navy and I am currently in the middle of the recruitment process. Ive done my test, interview and medical, but as i am classed as a re-join my documents had to be sent for to be assessed. I have now got to attend a second medical before my application goes further but once it does i only have my Timed run on the treadmill then prnc then hopfully its off to raleigh. dave11 I am also 26 and was worried about the whole age thing and waiting time. but im not going to let it bother me as its easily the career worth waiting for!
  6. I bet you at least once I will stamp my leg while doing drill lol. And salute the pongo way haha. I'll have to really concentrate until it's second nature lol.
    I'm not really worried about my age, but the chief at the careers office did mention that it will be questioned. I'm 27 in June so if I am ever allowed to join I could be 28 or even 29 by that point. So that might go against me. Seems a lot of hurdles in my way but I'm a good jumper lol (I hope) :)

    Quick question. Would I be able to wear the medals I earned whilst in the army on my naval ceremonial uniform or not as it's a different military branch?

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  7. I believe you can wear your army medals. It's the RAF hotel loyalty ones that are frowned upon

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  8. You are not only able to wear the approved medals you have earned but are required to wear them on appropriate occasions:
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  9. RAF hotel haha made me laugh that. But true though.
    Thanks for the reply. Glad I can wear them. :)

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  10. We had a lass on my tiffs course who was an ex air cadet. They salute the same as pongos and one day as class leader passing an officer she chopped one off air cadet stylie. You could see the officer thinking 'something isn't quite right but I'm not sure what' so he just returned the salute as we went off on our merry way.

    Seen it done on divisions too.

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  11. Pongoes only salute with an open hand to prove they've shaved their palms that day, with the crabs it's just a gay wave ;)
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  12. Might just compromise and whack up a doofus salute from scary movie lol

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  13. Ninja_Stoker

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    If in doubt, do a "Rimmer". I always do:

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  14. I'm glad you included the link. I started to feel a little queasy for a moment.
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  15. exJenny

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    fcuking mod party poopers blocking the links... what did i miss?
  16. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not as confusing as the RAF habit of saluting lesser ranks when entering a room or someone's office. When I moved from the RN to the RAF, having done Dartmouth I was not required to undertake Cranwell. It was a whole 5 years before I was required to do any RAF style drill. 5 Years!!!!!!! I was pinged for a small November ceremonies gig and had to go and do 30 minutes with the DI ('don't Cow kick sir!'). After Divisions every morning at COLLINGWOOD, Crab Air was easy. Best of luck by the way. By the way, to Black Cat the lot of you, I did the RN at 30 and the RAF at 39. ('Black Cat' - to outdo, or they say in the RAF 'Little Tommie Two Shits').
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  17. Briefly, a short vid of NS not ******* someone. Let's face it, that can only be a good thing.
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  18. Was you prnc 5th may?
  19. No..........................................
  20. I've heard of people throwing themselves down stairs to get out a sea draft, but joining the crabs is a bit severe sir!

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