This is just my personal experience, and will be updated as I progress throughout my career as a potential Warfare Specialist - this is to give you an idea of timescales and other waiting times that you may experience during your application.

Firstly, about me - I'm a 16 year old male in good physical shape, I dropped out of school in February (yes, my AFCO is aware of this) this year, with one formal GCSE - my predicted grades were A/B's all across the board, but I could not complete my schooling.

23/03/17 - I submitted my application online via the Navy website - at this point I was expecting a very long wait time, and was surprised to hear back so soon.

30/03/17 - I received an initial response from the Navy, telling me my application was checked for basic eligibility and that it would be forwarded to my local AFCO for review.

Current 2.5km Time: 12 minutes 03 seconds

03/04/17 - I was woken up by a phone call (at 8:42 AM) from a very kind man who introduced himself as my career's adviser who then begun to talk me through the next steps - about ten minutes after the phone cut I received an e-mail with a shed load of information for me to read through and some forms for me to print and fill out. He also invited me down to sit my RT (Psychometric Test) on the 18th of April, which is just two weeks from today. On the same day I had all my materials printed out, and all my forms filled out aswell - I've been revising the RT non-stop since I first applied, and took two mock tests on this day. The official one, that comes with the material provided by my AFCO (I believe I scored quite well on this, only dropping one mark from a Mechanical Comprehension question, which is not my strongest subject) - and a test that I found on a website called 'Civil Service Prep' (I also scored decently on this, getting 11/14 marks, which is around 77%). I started my gym membership on the 31st and have so far gone everyday, working on my endurance and 2.5km run. I find it best to warmup with 10 minutes on a rowing machine and 3 minutes on an automatic rope machine before continuing onto the treadmill to run 3km - I then go for 6km on an exercise bike as a cool down.


18/04/17 - I arrived promptly at the London AFCO at 8:30 in the morning for my RT, in my full suit and tie - I was very worried that I'd be overdressed, but the majority of people came as formal as I. I was quite tired when I arrived, as I'd only had two hours the night before (the nerves were really getting to me). There were fourteen of us in total taking the test, and everybody was dressed smart apart from one (she turned up in a tracksuit... I was very surprised). At 8:45 we were taken upstairs to the test room and all taken one by one to be 'checked in' (just a documents check - passport, NIN and forms that you should've been given to fill out) and then afterwards sent back into the room to anxiously await the start of the test. Before starting, everybody is asked if they've been given the practice booklet, and if not you're asked if you wish to reschedule your test. I opened the test and to my surprise it was very easy. The questions are of roughly the same difficulty as the ones on the practice booklet, and I personally only struggled with the mathematical section of the test - engineering is more common sense than much else, but I do advise you to revise what tools do what job! The test lasted just under an hour in total, and when it was done we were told we'd be waiting for about an hour and a half for our results, and that we were welcome to leave and come back at 11:30. So off we all went, everybody went separate ways as nobody had really said a word to each other yet. I went and say in McDonalds for an hour, then helped some tourists get around Kings Cross Station before heading back to the office. Fourteen of us, all sat down waiting to hear whether we could continue with our career aspirations or not. So one by one we were called, at least that's how it started out anyway, until there was only six of us left. Then we were all called at once - and that's when I knew I'd passed the RT, so we went upstairs and we were told that we'd passed and we were told everything we needed to know about the next steps and everything to revise for the interview. We were given a huge info pack to read, and loads of medical forms to fill out! You have to fill out the forms twice, once for yourself and once for your AFCO to send off. You're also given a boots voucher for a free eye test, and it's best to get this done as soon as possible. I got mine done the day straight after my test and I probably did well since I have no problems with vision. My interview was originally scheduled for the 24th of April, just 6 days after the test itself, but due to unforseen circumstances it had to be rescheduled to a later date, so I'll update my post after I've had my interview.

Honestly guys, you have nothing to worry about with the test, aslong as you revise each of the subjects a small amount - I had no issues with timing but I'm aware that's not the case for everybody.

This post will be updated at every step in my joining process - large or small, and I hope it will answer some of your questions about the process. If anybody has any questions, don't hesitate to ask and I'll help as much as I can.


21/04/17 - I decided I was going to take it a step further - I e-mailed my CA asking him about the possibility of changing my Branch Of Preference from Warfare Specialist to Royal Marines Commando, he obliged and sent me over what seemed like a million pages worth of information and revision, I upped my training regime and went about the path of the RM!

03/05/17 - Had my interview today, it went very well! I had to be there by 11, so in true Royal Marine fashion, I was there at 10:55 on the dot! CPO Colin Clayton (My CA) took me upstairs and sat me down to start the interview, I was very nervous but we had a few laughs and the tension was gone, much more relaxed. He asked me to confirm my date of birth and BOP, and then he asked me about my education history, he was very inquisitive as to the reason I left school early, but it's always best to tell the truth anyway. He asked how I feel about drugs, and about the drug culture in my area - once again, best to be honest here, too! He asked alot about my fitness regime, which is understandable considering I'm going to be undertaking the most intense amphibious training course in the western world! He asked about my whether I knew about my next steps, and asked me to detail them - I almost forgot the name of CTCRM Lympstone haha, nerves!

He also asked alot abit about the Corps history, although not as much as I would've liked, I revised that alot! Basic things, like the three different Commando Groups, where they're based and what 43 Commando do, the different elements of the cap badge and what they mean. He asked me how many VC winners there has been (10) and then asked me to name them all in order, to which I told him I couldn't and he laughed and told me it's good to be honest. I was under the impression I'd need a lot more knowledge than I actually needed, but it's good to have it already in there for PRMC! At the end he dismissed me for 30 minutes, and I met up with my mum and dad to get a coffee, which cost £10.35 for three shitty coffees at starbucks. Ten Pounds. For three coffees? Daylight robbery I tell you.

I went back after about twenty minutes, and was called up right away - sat myself down, and he looked me in the eye and says... "Well, you failed. *5 second pause* I'm just ******* with you, you did well!" Then he asked me to sign my folder, and told me he'd start the process for Security Clearance and the Medical.

I got lucky, as there was a serving Marine at the AFCO, so I had a chance to ask him a few questions - they even let my parents come upstairs so they could ask away, too! They were worried, but proud of how far I came, and after they heard the Marine say he was sure I'd do well, they were much more relaxed.

Not long left before I start RT!

Now, I'll continue to update this thread at each Major Step in the process, but you can also check out my profile for other things too! I mainly use that forum, as I'm sure @Ninja_Stoker has noticed!;)
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A good insight. Interestingly, your online application is meant to be handed-off to your AFCO within about 72 hours and the target is to get you in to sit the recruit test within about 14 days of "hand-off", so that sounds about right so far.


A good insight. Interestingly, your online application is meant to be handed-off to your AFCO within about 72 hours and the target is to get you in to sit the recruit test within about 14 days of "hand-off", so that sounds about right so far.

Yeah everything is going very smoothly, and my Careers Advisor told me that Capita like to place candidates on TMU after triage as it makes them more money in the long run, so everybody should bare that in mind.


See im just a little further then you (medical and capita form) and mine took wayyy longer then yours did and when we went for the test i turned up semi formal (jeans and a shirt with tie) and the guy next to me (there was only me and him) came in a tracksuit and they mentioned it to him and he got a bit rowdy with them (he failed his test anyway but hey ho)

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