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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by chieftain, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. Hello, i have a son who's going into the RN as an AET, hes a clever lad but went off the rails around 2 years ago. We thought he was back on track. Hes all set up with the Navy and off to raleigh in a month, we're so proud of him but the other day a friend of mine caught him smoking cannabis over the park while he was walking his dog, we knew he used to smoke it be he agreed to quit for us and the Navy around a month ago but obviously not, im just posting to check if he'll be tested in his first week/weeks at Raleigh and if he tests positive what will they say? I have read a military site which suggests he'll be given a 6 week period in which he cannot be touched (im assuming this is a gracing/detox period from civvy life) but me and the wife are really worried it is going to spoil this great chance he has been given.

    Can you help?
  2. Things have changed since I went through (late eighties). We were given drug lectures and the such, but compulsory drug testing has only come in within the last 5 years or so. I imagine that SOMEONE on here will be able to help, but drilling it in to him that drug taking isn't acceptable in the RN and can result in discharge might be an idea.

    Hope this helps.
  3. At the drug lecture they will probably ask if anyone in the audience has taken drugs. The staff will emphasise that what happened before joining the RN is of no concern but now that they are in the mob it will be zero tolerance. Having attended a couple of these lectures at Raleigh (to keep myself in date for having attended the drugs lecture) I was surprised at the amount of hands going up from those admitting to having taken drugs. When the staff started asking what they had used I was even more surprised, with lads and lasses there admitting to using heroin. You just need to stress to your lad that if he uses he is not only risking getting kicked out, he (as an AET) could be responsible for the air worthiness of an aircraft and the safety of the pilot - could he live with himself if he made a mistake under the influence of drugs that resulted in a death?
  4. Thanks for the replies, from what i can see he should be ok, but what i am more worried about is that he will be tested once he arrives at Raleigh and maybe still test positive for cannabis? He understands that once hes in the mob that it is ZERO TOLERANCE ourselves and his careers adviser have explained this (maybe its a case of last "Spliff" before he goes goes or somthing), will they send him home if he tests positive, because i dont want it to spoil somthing which is going to be the making of him and which he has his heart set on! Me and his mother shall discuss the issue further with him tonight highlighting what you guys have said. I just dont want us going through all the effort of getting him there and then getting sent home a few days in! And im surprised about the heroin issue, although i was never an angel myself we have brought our son up to respect the community and society etc... its just the youth of today and growing up in an area and an era of crime and drugs experiment. Any further posts will be greatly accepted.

  5. It's a sad fact of life that's with us today i'm afraid, the "lets just try it" and "looking big" society. Don't know what the policy is with the Navy of today, but i'm sure that as been stated, it's zero tolerance as it's always been.
    Quite sure that if your son does join then he will have to accept that it's a no-no or he will be out before he knows it! The Navy is very much a close knit "family" and the other lads will not tolerate the drugs.Temptation will be there of course, travelling around the world, but being in a "team" will help immensely.
    Wish the kid all the luck and if all goes well, the Navy will be his "drug"!!!
    He'll enjoy it all!!!
  6. Shame to hear this Chieftain, Hope your lad really does wise up, If they find any trace's he will be out, no messing and it could also cost him in a civvy career as well, if that goes on his record.

    Anyway, Sit down with him and give the hard facts, as they are, then it is upto him.

    Good luck for you and your lad, hope all works out for the best and he see's sense.

  7. I understand where your coming from, and you've narrowed it down lots for us, but what we need to know now is how long before he will be drug tested? is it part of the medical at raleigh or does he have the 6 week period in which he cannot be tested which i have heard about on the MOD website? I dont ask this to beat the system, its just a case of if his system will be clean by the time they test him. And also its giving a young lad a chance to get away from all the bad and joining the mob and doing somthing worthwhile in life!
    any posts would be a help.


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