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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Jaydemarie00, May 7, 2009.

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  1. Hello I recently signed up and i have my interview in a few days and i need to actualy know a few things to say about weapons engineer (thats what i chose)
    i do know the basics but its kind of hard putting into words what i need to say

    could anyone help me please?
    like what the job entails

    thankyouu :D
  2. Bugger me,there's nothing like being well prepared for the Interview is there?Myabe you should have asked that question when you wandered into the AFCO in the first place!I wish you luck,not because i am kind but because i think youre going to kin need it! :?
  4. no i had my phycometric test on wednsday and they told me my interview is in a few days i didnt relise that i was going to have to be prepared this quickly i only wanted help thats all if your going to insult me then dont reply to my question
    i wanted help not to be put down !
  5. Is the information you need not on the RN website? And two good things to remember, always maintain a sense of humour, and always be prepared. :wink:
  6. J

    If you want to, ring the AFCO and ask for a change of date, if you need extra time to prepare.

  7. Look sweetcheeks,one thing you WILL learn VERY quickly is the rule of the P's!

    Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

    I only voiced exactly what the AFCO staff will be thinking!Why offer you a place if you cant even be arsed to find out about the job you want to do when initially enquiring!FFS its not rocket science is it?I wasnt insulting you i was telling you as it is!You are going tolook a right nugget when asked Why you want to be what you want to be,when you say,What do they do then?
  8. it is i was just wondering if there was anything extra that i could know about aside from whats on the site :)
  9. If I asked you to show us all naked pictures, would you find that insulting?
  10. Why the fcuk would anybody apply for a job, especially in the forces where you could be doing it for the next 20+ years, without knowing what it entails before making the application. FFS :roll:
  11. i have already researched it i have done all my researching already in college!!

    i was wondering on EXTRA things that i might want to know

    i already know what the job does im nto fuking thick i dont sit there and think its fine il just go in like some nob and not even bother

    i was asking if there was anything else i should know aside from whats on the site

    if you read my question proprly in the first place you would have realised what my question meant corrrr

  12. I did read it,did you?

    you posted,and i quote..........................."could anyone help me please?
    like what the job entails"

    To me that mean you havent a scooby about the ins and outs of the Job!
  13. HAve a search on here for posts that talk about ET(WE), there are a few. That'll give you some appreciation, but the main thing to know is what's in the guidance documentation.
  14. I mean like tits and everything, you do realise you will be stripped at the medical? So this is just like preparation, after that I can tell you all you need to know about the Navy.
  15. You're stealing my tactics you sprog cnut.
  16. O dear your going to have fun you gobby shit. Im a WE joined as an ET but i aint gonna give you any help.
    Have fun when you get in and get taken down a peg or ten.
  17. and if you read before it says ...


    or are you a selective reader

    stop being a twat and having a go at people and spenting your good old time moaning just because your experienced doesnt mean every ****** else knows the ins and outs

    AS I WILL REPEAT MYSELF AGAIN TO YOU (thats if your capable of understanding)


    i come on this site as advised expecting to get that little bit of extra help which is what this is for
  18. He has obviously learnt from the Master...

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