My idea to reduce youth crime

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Shakey, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. Right, forget ASBOs and all that rubbish.

    What I'd do is arrange a student exchange type thing with African villages from the Commonwealth.

    We receive one of their kids for a couple of years. The benefit to them is they get to take advantage of our education system, improve their English, get health care etc.

    We send them one of our idiots. They receive the basic education that they're probably lacking, and by living in a small village they receive education and training in how to live like a proper decent human being. Any nonsense and they'd probably get the shit kicked out of them. It will also make them realise how lucky they are to have things like running water, electricity, TV's, Playstations etc.

    Hopefully, two years of that will sort them out.

    Politicians - if you choose to adopt this idea please PM me to discuss the cheque and payment details.
  2. i like the way you think.....when can i sign up my lot...
  3. Not that bad an idea apart from the point that perhaps it is a bit too much to saddle these underdeveloped nations with our misfits, even in return for education for their kids
  4. I'll give it five
  5. Bring back national service. I've got loads of scrubbing out for the buggers to do and the main drag in Faslane could do with a good sweep.........
  6. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I can see the benefit for the British side, our youth get to go and learn about life and get a much better education too; I feel sorry for the exchange student from overseas though; he/she gets to suffer the benefits of the British edewkayshun system and the NHS - isn't that a bit harsh? :)
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Doctor Barnardo's and The Christian Brothers tried this with orphans up until the '60s - none came back :evil:
  8. I'm with you 100% but do we have to have the little bstds back after 2 years, I would prefer to keep the africans.
  9. Ain't they the son's of the ones who is shooting each other at the moment?
  10. No problems then it will eventually sort itself out.
  11. They'd make great submarine deck hands! :grin: ...or targets :twisted:
  12. Saw a report on BBC World last night South Korean youths (Male and Female) getting 2 weeks boot camp with ROK Marine Corps not your usual bunch of ferkwits, but kids whose parents were concerned at the amount of time they spent in front of the TV,computer, etc. This was during the kids school holidays! Thanks Mom & Dad :cry: :cry: :wink:
  13. I think the continent of Africa has suffered enough without an influx of English chavs.

    Although, I am starting to think that National Service for the unemployed youth is not neccessarily a bad idea. For those who are not in full-time education or employment then two or three years service in one of the armed forces should be adequate to teach the buggers a trade. Or if they cannot learn a trade then at least they learn the values of discipline and citizenship (which they don't teach at school anymore).

    The best people to ask about national service will be the older RR members who have done it. Do you, with the benefit of hindsight, think its a good idea?

    Although, on second thoughts, any RR poster who has done national service will be biased towards the military on the basis that this is a naval community website. So really we need the stories of our fathers and grandfathers who were called up to serve in the military. What are their opinions?
  14. Why do we always get this "Send the youth of today into the armed forces for a couple of years" approach. The services are a professional body of men and women and do not want these waste of space youngsters.
  15. I'd bring back National Service but with the choice to go Police, Ambulance, Fire Service, Coast Guard or the Armed Forces. That way everyone would get a year decent work, learn some valuable skills that would benefit society as a whole, learn some ferking respect and discipline.

    The benefit of opening it to non-Armed Service would mean that no-one could cry the consciencious objector line.

  16. I really would rather these disruptive, obnoxious, wastes of space not get coersed into the forces. Maintianing discipline is hard enough without these buggers.
  17. Could it be possible to keep the National Service and Volunteer forces seperate?Or call it something else?
  18. But that's the point; a good dose of National Service might well mean that they don't become the obnoxious waste of space they are now that us tax-payers have to pay for. If we can make them useful we won't have to bail them out.
  19. Having considered this and the wise words of Slim, the four options that HOO has advised are all professional organisations that have some form of authority and a duty to protect the lives of others.

    POLICE - Giving a delinquent the authority to enforce British laws which today's youth do not seem to believe apply to them is a bit iffy in my opinion. If we conscipt constables then I can predict cases of police brutality, abuse of power and corruption (Cue 'A Clockwork Orange').

    AMBULANCE - The Ambulance service consist of trained and qualified men and woman who are responsible for the lives of those who call for them. To attain the title of 'paramedic' one has to put in a substantial quantity of effort, hence I really would not appreciate any loose cannons in that capacity.

    ARMED FORCES - Giving irresponsible and ill-disciplined thugs lethal weapons isn't really the best idea. The only reason it worked in the 1950's was because the youth had at least displayed a level of respect for their school teachers, parents and definitely of course for the NCO's and Officers.
  20. I believe that the country has completely lost the plot when it comes to dealing with young criminals. Young offenders institutions treat them with kid gloves offering them their own individual cells, TVs and video games etc.
    Time to bring back the borstals. Lock em up for three months, 24 to a mess, No video games, and no video games. Awake and dressed by 0730. Back to school to teach them the rudiments of maths & English. 1500 working parties cleaning , painting and maintaining the borstal. 2130 lights out.
    Wonder how many would serve a second term of 6 months?

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