My home towns claim to fame

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by danny, Mar 18, 2007.

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  1. Well here you are my home towns claim to fame. Havent seen this for years

    Barrow in Furness
  2. Barrow in Furness, wonderful place lots of unemployed so loads of pubs and nightclubs with cheap booze. Lots of unmarried moms so they built an estate to keep them all together, dad only needs one bus ride now to see all seven of his kids. Looking at the kids on the estate it is possible to determine which nation the ships/boats had been built for a particular year.
    Seriously though its a grand place and I enjoyed my time spent there. However it can be described in two words,

    The pavements are covered in dog shit cos no one ever cleans up after the dog, and a large percentage of the population spit on the street.
  3. Barrow is a lot different to what it was. There are far worse places. I think a lot of people that havent been for 10, 15 yeafrs would be very suprised now.
  4. ... is that it voted in the country's first BNP councillers - thick fecks - that's why I don't live there - nuke 'em I say
  5. I did say I enjoyed the town Danny.
    But don't tell me the single moms naval amenity and social area has gone :sad:
  6. Naval amenity, well the shipyard isnt what it once was. as it goes hand in hand with the navy not being what it once was. Although matleots have just moved here again now they are crewing astute.
    Unemployment is still higher than the national average. (again due to the navy not being what it once was) But is no where near what it was in the early 90s.
    I woudnt say there are more single mothers than any other industrial town. Woudnt say it is a barrow specific thing. Plus you know they put out :)
  7. I thort that was burnley?? cant rember us having BNP councellers......

    would this be before or after the fine craftsmen of barrow shipyard have replaced the countrys current nuclear detterant? Well the platform anyway
  8. I think G R, like me, thought it was about "home towns'" claim to fame in general. I was just about to prattle on about Stockport's contribution to the Peterloo Massacre.

    Ah, Barrow in Furness; hadn't it used to be in Lancashire?
  9. I chose to post on this thread knowing full well it wasn't written as a generic 'home town' thread - but there's no rule about that. I need to vent periodically about the ignorant insular tossers from Burnley (all creeds and colours) this is as good a place as any I can think of.
  10. Its not my home town but i live here now for my sins.Kings Lynn is the Birthplace of Capt Vancouver the explorer!
  11. only hot spring in the country
    only world heritage site in england (?) were once
    Won Britan in Bloom more times than anywere else

    any people wonder why I want to move

    only redeming feture.....Jonny depp has a house here!
  12. Newcastle Upon Tyne , gods Country , a few sink estates yep , but still the best run ashore in the world , well certainly in this country , :wink: :wink:
  13. jesus ok only complete CITY in ENGLAND that is a world heritage site,
  14. oh and dispite having a museam dedicated to her work and most of her books turned into films here, Jane Austin hated the place

    and named a park after Queen Victoria despite the fact everytime she passed bath she demaned the curtians were drawn on the royal train because on her only visit here some one said she had fat ankles
  15. Wompers

    Its a Heritage Site because its full of old people. Just how many submariners do you realy think you are going to attract to a city with a name like BATH???????????????????????

  16. Carshalton, Surrey, now lets think what are we famous for?

    Well if thats it back to sleep.


    Edit. No we have a road leading to Mitcham which was famous as the Lavender growing centre of the world 150 years ago.
  17. My home town was named after a South American city the sack of which provided the funds for the towns founder to build an inn and a racecourse.
  18. Now I know why the father of my child walked out on us and moved to faslane's all becoming clearer

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