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I am sure there is a single word for this hobby, its just slipped my mined at the mo? a letter towards the end of the alphbet
I was going for X myself Wrecker but still haven't got a clue what he's wittering about.
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masturbation me slim keep.

Work with W and see what you can come up with, a simple clue as I have come to realise Guzle you need it simple, you need to find 5 more missing letters W***** the clue is in WrekersL’s hobby.


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My hobby is exercise and cricket.I love my hobby because due to these hobby my body remains active,sharp,fit and able to gain stamina.I suggest every one that should include at least one physical game in their hobby.THANK YOU
In keeping with the tone set by Blackrat - and, as it's Friday, I'm feeling charitable - here's mine:

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