My Grog Tub


Oh dear did I open up a can of worms here?!
I'm afraid I don't know the full story; my grandfather died in 1994 and his son my father has Alzheimer's now and can't fully remember.
This first pic was taken in 1958.
Second pic was taken in his pub. I have no idea what happened to the ice bucket barrel you can see on the bar. When they left the pub it was all stripped and sold off barring a few items he kept and some that stayed on in the bar which they heinously painted magnolia thereby destroying a lot of it character. Shame

I'm not in any way offended, he was a charming and very popular man, over 250 people attended his funeral which speaks for itself!


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At the time of that photo many pubs sold Sherry by the glass often from a barrel such as the one on the bar.
A fine collection of Horse brasses.


I definitely would have drank in that pub!
All the best .
ETA: pickled eggs should be in white vinegar, not brown. Personal preference.
Haha pickled eggs belong in the bin in my opinion!
Was a fabulous pub with a huge collection of curious shoes from around the world and one time they scraped all the cigarette tar off the ceiling and uncovered a line painting of a dragon that looked like a tattoo, very cool.


Incidentally I sent pictures to upspirits abed he confirmed it's a reproduction model. I spent ages reading the website, pretty interesting!

Chris P

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Quietly seething.................................................Us 'Supplies and Stores Wallahs' were particularly popular in the days as we dispensed everything (as well as our alta egos Caterers) and without us and the chefs the ships went nowhere

We were particularly popular up until 1970 as we dispensed the daily tot from said grog barrel - que lots of dits about very shiny brass drain covers in the galley leading to the engine room....apparently :cool:
Had some good mates who were Jack Dusty's......................can'y say any more than that:rolleyes: