My Grandad's Salty Dits

Hello all,

I recently went to visit my Grandad, Anthony Molloy, an ex-RN and Merchant Seaman who now lives in spain. When not worrying about being deported back to the UK in the event of a 'Leave' vote or being denied his daily tot by my (no-doubt) long-suffering Nan, he writes a heck of a lot. Essentually he has a series of fictional books of the nautical genre set during WWII which he fills with tales from his RN glory days during the sixties and early seventies as well as researching his own material. He seems to be doing quite well out of them with readers as far flung as Asia and the USA. However he mentioned that he hadn't heard of either Rum Ration or ARRSE and so I said I'd give him a friendly plug for anyone who is either interested in naval fiction, served during the sixties/seventies or just likes to read dits.
FYI He spent alot of time in Hong Kong, Beira patrol, Chatham and Portsmouth if anyone else experienced the same and was interested?

Right, plug done and here's the link to his Amazon page:

Cheers Rum Ration,

Ok, I'm rubbish with links and technology (Pusser's Chef you know). That one seems to go straight to the Amazon home page. If anyone's interested just type 'anthony molloy amazon' into google and you'll see a happy man with a beard next to the covers of his books. (Drawn by another relative I might add)

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