My Ganges Treasures

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by writerken, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. The place never really changed that much over the years did it? It was just like that in 1970.
    No doubt myself and others can add to the list. For me it was the photographs in Nelson hall, the CMG, the pig farm etc.
  2. I heard a lot of it was due for demolition in November last year (except the mast which is listed), not sure if that's true or not though.
  3. Sad that it has gone. Pompey or Guz dockyard next. Although I give it a bit of a bashing in my story, our two class instructors were pretty nice blokes. I think the JI's were worse than any of them.

    My pig big duty was truly wonderful - a bloody holiday really. And becoming a JRO and learning to type has been an asset.
  4. You forgot to mention Shotley Routine :twisted: .....had a week of it when moved into a floater's mess. I went back there for a visit last September. The school block is now an apartment block
  5. There is so much I left out so guys can add their own. The Captain's Rounds cake for instance. We actually won it!
  6. The front gates are now also listed. They are one of the few examples of pusser ironwork dating from the reign of Edward VIII. The signal/Martello Tower is also preserved. In 2002 the Signal School was falling apart (the floor was unsafe to walk on really), the GMC was ankle deep in guano (persuaded the security guy to show us round it) and there were still some of the old chart tables in his office. The boy in the duck suit still runs through the padlocked doors of the swimming pool and you can hear him panting and him doubling on the tarmac - though it may have been my friend trying to wind me up! :???: :evil:

    One of my relatives in Plymouth was there in the 20s - one of only two things he couldn't discuss: his time in the G Spot and his time in a Japanese POW camp.
  7. Yes the mast is a grade two listed building along with the gates i think the towers are as well ||
  8. Who's got the Elephants and did they save the murals 'I must go down to the sea again..' and 'If'
  9. If i remember correctly the elephants are down at the museum the clock from the quarterdeck crest and motto are definitely down there along with loads of other stuff
  10. Steve

    I am worried that my clean cut image of my avartar has now made me the object of desire for a gay writer/Sparker from Brighton. Please advise.

  11. It's a secret crush I've had all these years! :lol:

    And I still love my NUTTY :razz:
  12. Nutty, nutty, nutty,

    You're suprised?!!! :wink: :razz:

    I thought the revealling bit was 'Nutty, nutty, nutty... on naked skin!' Own up Nutty, you were Ken's JI weren't you.. please explain what you were doing on his naked skin and why you felt like wire wool? Not severe acne I hope! :eek:

    Steve, Steve, Steve!

  13. I know the feeling.......... :lol:
  14. His JI

    Not only did I fail to make the exalted rank of badge boy but got demoted from Junior Seaman 1st Class to Junior Seaman 2nd Class.

  15. Nutty,

    This is not the place to discuss your prowess under the blankets! Talk about reading porno mags at the G Spot... I'm still reeling from the shock...! :eek: :wink: :lol:

  16. My week in the hospital was from eating NUTTY. Found an old chunk I'd secreted away. Got food poisoning.
  17. Ken,

    Food poisoning... from Nutty? And Nutty is such an excellent Chef, too! :shock:

    I remember reading a mini Debate in the Lords Hansard about an outbreak of food poisoning at Ganges caused by APPLES! Supposedly so healthy too. Now Nutty can be dangerous! :???:

    Poor Nutty! :wink:

  18. Funny you should mention apples and food poisoning. I'm a country lad and had the worst food poising ever from an apple on Christmas Day. They reckon it was the spray.

    As for NUTTY's cooking - can he do me a decent roll-over? :wink:
  19. Well he's great at stuffing chicken... perhaps he could transform your marrow? :wink:

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