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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by sam_helps, Jan 4, 2010.

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  1. hi there I'm joining raleigh on the 14 march. I wanted to know if i should push my self anymore or just keep the fitness level up. I can ran the 1.5 miles in 10 mins and 30 secs, i can do 50 sit ups and 30 push ups and i am a strong swimmer i can do tread water for 7 mins.
  2. Doing well. Keeping injury free is the key now. If you can try and get a few more pressups out that would be good (50 if you can), and perhaps have a play with pull-ups.

    Keep up the good work.
  3. cheers for the advice shipmate
  4. Personally I suggest you maintain this level of fitness, your results so far are not bad and will naturally get much better at Raleigh. The risk of pushing yourself too far and getting an injury before your start date is not worth it in my opinion.

    Other posters will probably tell you to get as fit as humanly possible in order to make your time at Raleigh easier, but to be honest, the phiz is fairly low key and the instructors there are not looking for potential Marines, just enough fitness to show you aren't lazy or obese.

    Just concentrate on not breaking yourself before you've started. Nothing worse than showing up in March with shin splints or similar and having to start from scratch.

    Edited to add: Actually there are things that are a lot worse than showing up at Raleigh with shin splints, but that's a completely different story all together.
  5. Or you could do **** all, go on remedials and I'll bull your shoes for £20 ;)
  6. I just love the way he's call JJ shipmate before even being in the mob :lol:
  7. I let that go mate, but as a pongo it pushed my windmill button a little I have to say! :D
  8. I was thinking the Pongo won't like being a shipmate, trench mate maybe lol
  9. Nearest I'll get is swamp mate!
  10. I guess unless you're one of those wannabe matelots in the RLC who are seamen in the Army I guess then you could be called shippers.
  11. I have a mate with that lot. Nearly as gay as being a train driver in the army
  12. I also have a friend who is in that lot. Never understood the notion of joining the Army to be a matelot myself but each to their own
  13. Our uniform makes us look buff and you lot look shite, but that's about it! :D
  14. I don't know about buff :lol:
  15. No..... you wouldn't :D
  16. boom boom tish!
  17. As much as it pains me to do this, I'll have to agree with you JJ! If there's one thing I'm not looking forward to, it's looking like a Mrs Stay Puffed. Give me a pair of combats, and paint my face green any day. I'm dreading my fat head in those hats.
  18. If you pay me as a very small incentive, I am willing to come around and dress you.
    If I find I am getting aroused, I will stop immediately. I am then willing at no further cost to remove all I have put on. :D :wink: :oops: :oops:
  19. Two's up? I think I might be breaking contract with Monty, but fck him; he's not here :D
  20. Monty is one of the bro.
    You fcuk her first then I'll break her in. :wink: :roll:

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