my first shag

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. Trapped in the Spanish Bar Guzz in 74 bootnecks missus he was in DQs for GBH lovely blonde haired lass still crack the occasional one off these days thinking about it. I thought she looked like Susan George, god bless her she was at least 5 years older than me and I dropped my load about 5 seconds after she climbed aboard uncle Stan :lol:
  2. Sembawang Village 1965 age 16, enjoyed it so much had to have a follow-up the same night in Singers - never looked back since !!

  3. Mine was the school bike. When I joined the mob at 16 she thought I was awesome so she started writing to me and even came to my passing out parade. She was quite fit too apart from having a growler like a horse's yawn due to having already been rattled by about 20 lads.

    I smashed her all over the place for my first batch of leave and went out with her for a few months until I joined my first ship and discovered the way of the sea going Matelot when I quickly mag to gridded her for the delights of the Pompey ladies.
  4. HMS Cambridge. Fat and fcuking rats. I was 16, she was about 30.

    Trapped me in Sgt Peppers down Union Street.

    Always tried to blank it from memory.

  5. Mine was with a cracking girl, in a sand bunker in a local council run golf course! very hairy, looked like she had a black poodle sat in her lap, but man what a mover!

    she was entry number 12 in my wank bank, she still makes it into the top 5
  6. Ditto but '67.
  7. I was 15, she robbed my football of me and i had to kiss her if i wanted it back, so we went to the abandoned rail depot and i got more than i had wished for, she was kissing some thing else, then she RAPED me, still makes me cringe to this very day as im 28 and she is 30 and what a mess she is.
  8. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I was 16 and i'd drunk too much after a game of rugby and pulled.

    I couldn't sit down for a week.
  9. Oh Blackrat! You still remember me!!
  10. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    How could i forget a fag stealing, drink swiping, foul mouthed Submariner? :D
  11. My first was down an alleyway at about 0300. She was absolutely divs and fuck me did she wriggle.
    I never stopped crying all the way through.

    F*ing pepper spray !!
  12. 0300 how feckin old are you? 1709!!!!
  13. 0300 Translated for a 15/16 year old teenage---------Getting f***ing late
  14. Nope, that was when I joined up you fooking sprog.
  15. Aged 17 on rugby tour in Scotland. She was rough as fcuk and I was desperate. As ugly as she was I still only lasted about four strokes.
  16. My 18th birthday,had been in the mob two months(first leave as well) and just had to find out what all this s******g was about. it was her first time as well,yes she had a white skirt on,very messy,and all on the passenger seat of my series one land rover!
  17. You lost it on your 18th ?, your a late bloomer.
  18. Coming from Yorkshire we were into cows sheep whippets etc,took the RN to enlighten me!
  19. Oh well mate i take it back then you are not a late bloomer
  20. Im sure thats illegal

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