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haha you moon howlers make me laugh.
Moon-howlers (Goblin Wolf Riders) is a Greenskins cavalry unit. With a pining cry to the great, weird moon, Morrslieb, these wolves carry their Goblin riders to war.

Goblin Wolf Riders are dangerously fast, able to outride all other beasts save perhaps the swift steeds of the Elves. Some Wolf Rider mobs use bows to fill their enemies with arrows. They lope into range, unleash a hail of arrows, and then retreat before the foe can respond. Wolf Riders often harass the flanks of oncoming troops, but have also been known to charge into smaller (and more vulnerable) units such as war machines and enemy scouts. Other Wolf Rider mobs are more heavily armoured and these Goblins will dare to lower their spears and attack larger formations, howling as they crash headlong into enemy troops. However, it is often said that the snarling wolves are more formidable foes than the Goblins who ride atop their shaggy backs. More than one Warboss has found out that "dog boyz" are not always reliable, finding Wolf Riders as quick to leave the battlefield as they are to launch an attack.

Are you sure you're reviewing the right sort of adult books?


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Reading this thread I'm not sure whether I'm getting an insight into an alternative reality or it's just Norman's meds wearing off :oops: