My fella has just started his basic training


Ok, last quickie, did 22 yrs in Army and hygiene is very high on agenda, repeatedly tried to instill basic standards to little effect upon the lad. Am hoping the Navy will be able to be a bit more "coercive" than I have been. And who can't do basic safety on an SA 80.


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In answer to the first post on this thread in 2009, it's entirely feasible that someone can be back-trooped/classed/squadded through failing their weapons handling test.

It is equally possible & equally likely an individual can be back-trooped/classed/squadded for failing kit musters.

Personal hygeine is an issue that can be embarassing to the recruit, however rest assured the training team are more than familiar & adept at addressing the issue if it is perceived as a problem.


I know it's now a lot more different from the "regimental baths" and "Beasting" syndromes and everything else that came with it in my day (swings on light-fitting). Just wanted to put in context what he's going through. I am NOT some distraught mother thinking her sons being "led astray" every night! But thanks, spoken like a true politician.


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I got back classed for NMT,and so do alot of other recruits! The navy cram into 3 days the same SA80 training that the army spend 2 weeks training for.
And kits the second highest reason people can get backclassed for....just saying! Maybe you should have more faith in your son.


He walked before he was pushed, re-backclassed and then suggested to PVR. And the Navy called another good shot! I didn't think he could make it, but I wanted to be proved wrong. Annoying thing is he spent half his very short Navy career on leave!! Wish my Army 22 years was on the same basis!!