My fella has just started his basic training


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sandygib said:
Does that mean you DO want an hour by hour progress report of his time at Raleigh? :wink: :lol: :twisted:

Simple answer is yes. This is the type of thing that makes the site so vibrant.
Well they got back from Piers Cellars yesterday - by the time he spoke to me he was so knackered he could hardly string a sentence together :lol:

Thoroughly enjoyed it all, starboard won all the points both for the assault course and the sods opera apparently. Said the assault course was great, swimming across the harbour no problem, water not that cold! But then he is used to swimming in the sea anyway. Think he found the lack of sleep and the piss taking coz he wasn't allowed a tinnie harder actually :) Now its a weekend of trying to get kit sorted again, ready for kit inspection retake on Monday.
sandygib said:
That seems a bit unfair when my baby isn't even allowed a tinnie!

Doesn't he get an extra nutty ration and a half a pint of milk (with straw) everyday to compensate?

It seems VERY unfair. When I was 16 in the ROC the adults deliberately plied me with drink to see how easy it was to make me very talkative... It always worked :lol: :lol: They then took me home to mummy... :D

Perhaps he oppos need to give him a Pussers Milkshake: lots of fresh milk, flavoured with dark rum... :)
This one is for ACC - as posted on another thread - does kit get scattered around the mess still? Week 4 basic, several pairs of trainers chucked around the mess by a very peed off PO and WO coz they were still not up to standard. Apparently they had been asked nicely all week and not enough happened - so short sharp shock tactics prevailed. And yes my boys was one of them :oops: - rather subdued phone call last night. On the positve side - he passed the military week without a problem, just struggling on the kit side.

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