My fella has just started his basic training

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by guest, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. My fella has just started his basic training (sunday 22nd) I was wondering if anyone could tell me if after the basic training (not trade training) he gets to leave at the weekend...and does he get a travel warrent so the train is free? otherwise its £89!!!!!

    Also we are gonna have a baby in 6 weeks (OK I know not the best timing in the world)....any ideas if they will let him escape for a day or 2 to atend the birth?

    and last question we have been engaged for 3 years so far and will have a child so whats the deal with accommadation...we wouldnt be able to afford private rent and the carrers office seems to tell you a different thing each week! (we plan to wed near the end of September 07)

    Any Help would be great :)

    Bless him...he got there and one young (17yr old recuit) asks how old he was...he says 33 and the 17yr old goes F**KING HELL! LOL...but he is fit and detimined!

  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Sharon, firstly let me tell you how lucky he is to have someone like you to be supporting him, and we all look forward to hearing his progress. Given his age and experience I believe he should have no major difficulties in training; he will learn from his younger contemporaries as they will learn from him.

    To the best of my recollection weekend leave is not usually granted until completion of Part II Training or Passing Out. However 'night leave' is granted during training pending his assessments by Training Staff (kit musters, swimming tests, etc.). As for time off for the birth of the baby, he certainly MAY have grounds for compassionate leave, although this may not be granted due to the fact we are not yet married (unless he has nominated you as his Next of Kin); furthermore the nature of the naval training he will be under at the time; and if he takes time away from Raleigh it may cause him to be 'back classed' to pick up on lessons missed. I would advise him to discuss the matter with his Divisional Officer to see if he can be spared during the training syllabus.

    If leave of a compassionate nature is granted he may be entitled to a 'compassionate warrant and leave' which would not come of his own leave and travel entitlement. This decision would be made my his DO and Unit Personnel Office.

    Furthermore advice about housing should be addressed through the Defence Housing Executive, although my understanding is that you have to be married to get a Married Quarter, but this may change given the circumstances. Again I would advise him to speak with his DO or Regional Welfare Office (HMS Nelson in Portsmouth, HMS Drake in Plymouth or HMS Neptune in Faslane).

    Further advice can be obained at the RN community website:

    Perhaps someone with more recent experience of Raleigh can advise?
  3. I am sure you get a weekend's leave at the end of part 1 training (ie Raleigh basic training).
  4. We never did!
  5. Thats because it would have taken too long to retrain you Andym
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Touche! The old ones are still the best [jealous 'cos I never thought of it first..!]
  7. Ah well us MA's are the most intelligent of Ratings(well we were in my day)
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Sorry for the delay - I was waiting in the queue for Fresh Cases!
  9. Thank you for you replys I know I wont see him until he pass's out (unless he gets leave for the birth) but by the sounds of it when he does his stores accountant and sub training he gets weekends off? (well not the sub training when he is out at sea)

    Does the Navy give you a travel warrat to get home on the train? otherwise its tooooo expensive....maybe we while bring the wedding forward!

  10. There is an anuual allocation of Travel Warrants but its most likely changed since i was in the mob.
  11. They still get travel warrents but I think it is still 4 a year but they also get A Forces Rail Card now which brings down the price of rail travel.(They apply for these when they start there part 2 training)

    Hope this is some help to you
  12. Pretty certain that he will get weekend leave on passing out but it will be short weekend leave as he will probably have to be back for Sunday night before starting SA's training on the Monday.

    Whether you choose to get married earlier or not is up to you but you will qualify for married quarters once you are. I would seriously recommend that you wait until he has finished training before considering moving into a quarter near him though. As tough as it sounds he will need to concentrate on his course work and would not be allowed to live ashore until completion of training. This would mean he would be taking night leave and having to rush to get back, sort kit out, study, etc. It might mean the difference between passing and failing and I'm certain that you're both planning on him passing.

    Once training is out of the way and he gets his first posting you will be able to work out where you want to get a quarter together. I recommend that you look at the RNCom site for a lot of useful family information and contacts.

    Good luck

  13. Sharon sorry can't answer your question's , been out to long , I'm sure you will both make it through this traumatic time , stay on this site and keep us all informed of his progress and your's of course , that alone will get you's both through it , very best of luck to the 2 of you , let us know when you have the bairn wont you , :roll:
  14. Hi, I thought I would register, I started the post just to say many thanks for you kind words and support..will keep you updated....he was one of 4 going for subs now he is 1 of 2! bit dissppointed today as everyone is going out on a boat to look at some ships/subs but cos he is doing subs he has a trip to the x-ray machine instead! LOL

    oh well I will await his phone call tonight :)
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    As he's only been away a few days and you miss him like crazy already, how are you going to manage when he's on patrol on a submarine?! :lol:
  16. I miss him yes, but I know thats part of it, just hope he makes it for the birth...wouldnt say miss him like crazy...just wonder what he is up to getting the od phone call is fine.

    we knew from day one part of our life would be us being apart we are ready for it we decided he should go for it if he wanted to

  17. Hey Sharon my boy started basic on 22nd as well. He is a baby 16 year old in fisgard starboard. What class is your hubbie to be? I think it's great to have an older guy in amongst the youngsters. He will be able to bring some maturity and wisdom not to mention ironing skills to the team. I was told by the AFCO that on passing out they will then be on a months leave over Christmas as Raleigh is one of the only establishments to close down for 4 weeks over the holidays, and as their professional training is there as well they get the whole time off. Hope this is right.
  18. Hello my fella is in Fishgard Starboard as well, sounds like they are getting on ok so far, no major problems so it seems - hope it keeps that way :lol: I hadnt herd about the 4 weeks off but that would be excellent, still no idea if they will let him out for the birth - I say fly him home so he can absail through the hospital window....although they may say thats a waste of resource **laughs**...keep in touch if you want on msn / hotmail [email protected]
  19. Spoke to my lad just now - apparently the 4 weeks off was an AFCO myth. Apparently on passing out they can have the weekend off then back to Raleigh until 22nd when they are off for christmas for 2 weeks only. Still not bad tho. My lad reckoned he could guess who your old man was so was going to let him know that the women were talking - be afraid, be very afraid :wink:
  20. They should get to leave on the 15th of December and have the whole weekend off, they will have to be back by around 3pm on the following Monday. The bit about 4 travel warrants is true also. Your boys dipped out on getting stuck in Starboard, everyone knows Fis Port is the best. Ask them if they've had to report any fire hoses during evening rounds yet. And tell them to stop hogging our ironing boards.

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