My fathers WW2 Navy Records

I would like to find my fathers WW2 navy records. He died when I was young and as my mother died a few years ago I have very little to go on. I know he served on aircraft carriers including Victorious and Illustrious.
Can anybody help me. I do have one photo and it shows a badge on the sleeve.
You will need to put up his service number, and describe the badge! Might be able to help you out on his time on HMS Victorious!!! If you know when he served on her. As I have all the commissioning books pm Sweetpea or Soleil, they are the experts
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Hi Scouse,
Thanks for the reply, the trouble is I do not know his service number or the time he served on the vaious ships. I will look for the photo with the badge on and put it on the forum. I am told he was a leading air mechanic.

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