My dog just swallowed a lump of resin

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nails, Mar 13, 2009.

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  1. I'm worried about my dog. I had my mates round last night and we were having a bit of a smoke in my bedroom while my mum and dad were downstairs and one of my stupid mates must of left a block of resin on the floor. My dog came in this morning and ate it and now i'm worried about what'll happen to him. He's a jack russell so he's really small too.

    I really don't want to have to take him the vets cos my parents would go mad. They are really against drugs. My dad is a policeman and he'd throw me out over this. Plus taking him the vets now i'd feel a right prick saying "my dog has just ate some drugs". They may even phone the police or RSPCA.

    Thing is, if he dies my family will be distraught. Do u think a jack russell can die after eating about twenty quid's worth of cannabis resin? He ate it about half an hour ago and he seems ok at the moment.
  2. Check him out when he comes off the ceiling, plus no need to roll up for a while, just smoke the turds
  3. So he really will be smoking sh1t. :D
  4. You must be the stupidest cnt on RR.
    For fcks sake I hope you never get into any of HM forces.
    Now HM prisons that is where you will fit in nicely. :twisted:
    Please leave the site and join Cons R us.
  5. This is serious guys. I need some decent advice, I'm flapping over this.
  6. So will your dog's arse
  7. If it's serious and you really are worried about the dog, there's only one answer - stop messing about posting on here about it and contact a vet!

    On the other hand I doubt that you are serious. So just stop messing about posting on here.
  8. Slim, at least unlike Norma he is sort of amusing at times, even if he is a trifle childish and a numpty.
  9. Nails at his Best/Worst again!!!!
  10. Nails at his Best/Worst again!!!!
  11. Lol I think he's got the munchies I just gave him 7 packets of flaming hot monster munch crisps. He can't stand up but his eyes are open so it's ok. Just got my mates around and we're having a right laugh. We're throwing his ball for him but he can't be bothered go fetch it he's that stoned lol lol
  12. Wait till he comes down and rips your throat out
  13. How can you come down off a downer you idiot? I didn't feed him a load of pills. Jesus, it's sad when people don't know their drugs these days.
  14. If your going to take it literally, then wait till he comes off the downer :roll:
    Hopefully he'll still rip your throat out
  15. Nailz u sound so hawt. maybee wen Ive pretended to be dead and iz got rid of Tweedydum me an u can go 4 a pitza hutt. iw il groe my hair bak so u can spunk in it
  16. When he "comes off the downer" he'll be back to normal. Unless dogs get paranoid and forgetful too.
  17. You know as much about dogs as you do about everything else then, fcuk all
  18. Give him a break fellas, at least he's getting his dog involved. He could be neglecting him but no, doggy joins in the fun.

    Good lad Nails, keep it up. Give him some ecstacy and throw cylumes at him in a darkened room with some Donk on the stereo to see what happens, if you put some HBM on his feet he'll dance too, awesome.
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    So he joined the Force whe he packed in being a mercenary, Carcarse?! :roll:
  20. Ever seen the video of the cat on lsd??? Pretty horrific in my opinion. Cant be arsed finding a link to it. Search it on youtube if you wanna see it, I'm sure it's there.

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