My Damn Ships Buscuits! I mean Cookies!

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by MightyCrash, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. OK - I think I spoke to bad CO via my e-mail account about this! I have managed to get on here, despite my cookies telling me that I couldn't, by joining ARRSE then joining Rum Ration.

    Now I have joined, unless I log on via the e-mail you have sent me to activate my account, it tells my my cookies won't allow me to login as I haven't got them on "except" - which I have.

    So will I have to log on via the link you sent me everytime - or am I doing something incredibly silly?
  2. It might be worth checking your security settings, both in your browser and your firewall (if you are using one).

    One other idea, which I can hopefully rule out - what happens when you type the url into the address bar? Will it let you browse the site as an Anonymous user? Do you only get this problem once you try to log in? If you are getting error messages, can you take a screen capture and send it to me (or post it in here, if you can)?

  3. Got it!!!!

    If I go to it looks like exactly the same site but will not log me in. If I however go to it is fine.

    Might be a good one for other users on the help page.

    Many Thanks for all your help though and good luck for the site - am passing the news through Gibraltar as we speak!!

  4. Thanks for identifying that, Crash. I'll pass it on to the site admins and see if there is any reason why it doesn't work...


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