My dad's dagger


(Maybe not in the right place; if not, then sorry)

I recently inherited my dad's commando dagger, from his days in 45 ('56-58 ). I was suprised to find that the edges weren't sharpened; is this normal for this weapon.

I'm an ex-infanteer, and the dagger was partly the cause of the PTSD that blighted the latter part of my old man's life, so please don't think that this is just a question from a walt who wants to charge around his living room showing the cat how hard he is. It just seems odd to me.



Hi i'm not an expert but have a mate in the RM and i think its to do with the fact that the commando dagger is meant to stab and not slash or saw, if that makes any sense, but i may be corrected.
The Dagger is in its original 'as issued ' condition -sharp tip and the edges
ground but not sharp. It was a users option to do the 'sharpening'

Its worth more as it is !!!

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