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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stefan_grainger, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. I work as a social care worker in a psychiatric care home and there are a few ex service men/woman in there, 2 from the army and 2 who have served with the Royal Navy, one was a Submariner and the other in the fleet air arm, it’s fantastic some of the stories they have told me about their time in service, it’s such a shame to see them now as they have severe mental ill problems. Do you think this could be due to what they have seen/done or just they are generally ill people?

    I have made sure they are wearing poppy’s too, they are not allowed out of the unit so I went and got them some and they were so thankful for me getting them one, made my day today talking with them and hearing there story’s

    God bless them :thumright:
  2. Well done for what you do for them. Who knows why they are in there. Lets be honest no one really understand the indepth prbocess's of the brain.


  3. Good on you shippers.
  4. Well Done Stefan Good to see that they are still good blokes around:thumright:
  5. Well done mate. Not sure its a job I could do to be honest.
  6. I have huge respect for mental health workers, you must be a very understanding and caring person. I know that I couldnt do a job like that. If only more people were like you!
  7. A nice post Stephan :w00t: I am sure they appreciate a listening ear.
  8. Respect to you Stephan. Not sure I could do that kind of work either. It would probably tear most of us up inside.

  9. I actually like it though, only been there for 5 weeks but i haven't been honest with them and told them about my potential Navy career for when i do finally get my date. see where i live employment is hard to come by so wasn't going to ruin it by saying i will be leaving in the future. Think if i wasn't joining this would be the job i'd do.

    They seem sane to me too, i can't understand why there their, as other residents are much more insane them them in question. they should be in a "normal" car home getting peace and quite but they have to listen to the likes of older people with mental ages of 6 year old's.

    It's such a shame
  10. Maybe they "driven" insane by the Carbon monoxide at the "car home". :thumright:
  11. see someones on the ball
  12. 1998 I was sectioned ( serial drinker ) and spent a month in Cheadle Royal Hospital Cheshire.
    The dedication,care and support during my stay from all staff is beyond words. My first two weeks were in the secure unit where all patients had been sectioned, as I responded well to medication I was moved to the adjoining non- secure unit for the rest of my stay. All the patients in this unit were voluntary apart from myself . Most just could not cope with life itself and were in for a long stay. I came out of hospital a changed man and the support since from my CPN has made life a lot easier.
    You have my utmost respect Stefan
  13. I used to live about 20 mins walk from there in Cheadle, my sisters ex partner was sectioned in there many years ago.

    Glad your better now, it's nice to know the staff there made a difference :thumright:
  14. Nice one Stefan, I like the New Order quote too.

    Kind regards

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