My cousin!

(granny) said:
Chicogiz said:
No wonder the country is going down the shit pan.
Agree. The silent section between minutes 3:00 and 4:49 is the only part worth listening to.

Chico - Between now and when you join up do try to get out a little more and find some kind of another life; you are wasting yours and ours with this kind of rubbish.

Alfacharlie said:
What a load of shite. He's prob part of the same bunch of blazing squad wannabe fck wits who hang around on my estate staring at elderly women as they walk by. Bunch of scum bags.

Once again... Dog sh1te!
Idiots, what has the world come to? These wankers need a good talking to. I swear the youth of today have learned nothing from our ancestors. I despair at this country.

Why stare? Stop fcukin about and get stuck in. A swift clap around the blue rinse and you're quids in. I reckon they'll all have a few bob on them and that could get me a bottle of 20/20 and ten benson.
Pool-Champ said:
I hate that type music.

Your cousin blows goats Chico.
Yeah too right. Bunch of half witted wnakers. Chico, you must be a full on spunker n all cause you think it's cool and we'll all appreciate that load of drivel!!
Clown_Puncher said:
I can appreciate the family resemblance to be fair. One big family of inbred, chav, council house, faux gangsta mashers.
And then some. Probably fit in in Pompey with all the other 6 fingered mongoloids walking about robbing decent folk.
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