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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by digger84, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. Just a quick one whilst I'm sat at work (always use works time and not your own!), I have only been in for 7 years so I'm still a rouge compared to most on here. I attained the rate of LETWE within 4 years of being in mob. Whilst it had always been my ambition to join the Royal Navy as an officer, it quickly dawned on me in my final years at school that I would never achieve the required grades. This was due to me wasting my time instead of revising. I never listened to my parents or teachers as I knew best or so I thought!
    After gaining a shameful two GCSE's grade C in Graphics and German, I applied to join as a JMEM2 but was rejected on the grounds of being too small at 16, I was 5ft2 and about 8 stone. (I would have been some hairy arsed stokers bitch)
    So I blagged my way on to a Foundation Course (City & Guilds) in Engineering, after completing that and proving myself, the college allowed me to start a BTEC in engineering.
    A year or so later I was bored of being in a classroom environment so reapplied, this time as an AEM this time I was 5ft10. In March 2003 I Passed out of Raleigh, a few months later I started at Sultan. This was my first time away from home and found the perils of drink and the Sultan bop. So again instead of revising I went out to the bop and Emma’s each week, as each exam came I failed, I lasted 5 weeks of WAFU training. Luckily with a great DO and a bit of luck the Commodore gave me a second chance and loaded me on to the next available course. This time I lasted 18 weeks until the hanger phase and after failing an exam, (last chance saloon) my time as a WAFU was to come to an abrupt end. I transferred to OM (W), after completing all my task books and becoming an OM1 I was just happy to enjoy life in the Navy. However the Navy was soon to get rid of the OM branch so I requested to transfer again this time to ET (WE). After being an ET for a few months I was lucky enough to be picked up on the LH signal. Once again I failed the first few exams and got back classed on LETWE Course. But for some reason, maybe a bit of soul searching and asking myself what I wanted in life. I resumed killicks course, this time with the right frame of mind. I passed with an overall distinction.
    Whilst attending LRCC, the course chief commented that I should consider going for my commission. This was the first time since joining that I had really thought about realising my boyhood dream of being an officer. So after being on my first ship as a killick for a year and getting a great first report, I spoke to my DO about getting my papers raised as an UYWE. Although I haven't got the GCSE's required I went to the CO's table with HOD's full backing and the CO agreed to my request. I am now sat at work revising my ass off for my GCSE's in Maths, English and General Studies. I have been predicted B's in all three subjects. So with fingers crossed and a lot of hard work I will be attending AIB within the next few months.

    I for one am very grateful to the Royal Navy and what it can offer, in my case someone with sod all educationally. I mean realistically what other company in this world offers its employees on the shop floor who show they have the aptitude, a chance to succeed in life, realise their dreams, ambition’s and be able to become part of a scheme that allows them to attain a degree and ultimately trains them to become part of senior management.
  2. Digger, your gratitude at the last paragraph is admirable and fine opportunities do abound in the RN.

    Being the Devils Advocate - How about giving yourself a wee “Reality Check�

    Here are three questions which may help you to “Know thyself†a little better:

    Re: your first sentence <<whilst I'm sat at work (always use works time and not your own!) >>

    Q1. Is this your “Commitment†towards a career as a potential RN Officer?

    Re: Your string of previous course failures plus current GCSE possible B projections.

    Q2. How will these bear comparison with the academic potential/achievement of your competitors in the Commission hurdle stakes?

    Q3. Do you know how to edit a post which you may afterwards regret having made?
  3. BreathingOutOnTheWayUp,
    Many thanks for your reply

    Re: your first sentence <<whilst I'm sat at work (always use works time and not your own!)
    Q1. Is this your “Commitment†towards a career as a potential RN Officer?
    A. This was merely meant to be a tongue in cheek comment. Because, at this moment in time I'm sat in a US PX waiting for scran.

    Re: Your string of previous course failures plus current GCSE possible B projections.
    Q2. How will these bear comparison with the academic potential/achievement of your competitors in the Commission hurdle stakes?
    A. I’m glad you asked as I'm sure AIB will also ask the same. Whilst at the CO's Table, the CO was very interested in finding out about my career which (I'm not going to lie) varies a lot for such a short amount of time in a normal naval career, however I found out that life does not hand out anything for free. I have had to work extremely harder than some to achieve what I have in my short career and whilst I agree it does not look favourable in terms of being an academically minded person. Only my attendance at AIB will determine if I have what it takes to become an officer, after being recommended with potential for commission by my superiors.

    The point of my post was aimed at newbie’s really, who come on here asking for advice about joining as a rating with the view of going for their commission in the future. With Rumration being a place of anonymity and most of us using pseudonyms. I therefore believe I don’t have anything to be regretful about, unless I’m missing a helpful and valid point from yourself?
  4. Hi Digger

    Q1. Taken at face value because no way of knowing otherwise, perhaps a smiley wink would have clarified your tongue in cheek intention?

    Q2. It's not going to be easy and excellent results at staged leadership tasks cannot always balance academic shortfalls.

    Q3. Agreed that you have an anonymous user name but a little circumspection/persec is always worth considering on a public/pusser's 'Unofficial' (cough) forum.

    Please don't think that I only wanted to dampen your spirit - many a rough diamond has benefitted from time, a good grinding and polishing.

    Best of luck with your studies, AIB, and whatever course the future takes.

    Just keep the Devil's advocate :evil: in mind, you will be suprised how useful he can be to you.

    Oh, I nearly forgot - Enjoy your scran :wink:
  5. Hey digger...possibly the best post ever. I wish i had your DO. Good luck.
  6. Graphics and German?

    Maybe there's hope for me then, I've got PE and English language in my utility toolbelt. :D
  7. So
    You've spent most of your naval career receiving training you will never actually use, and achieved one sea draft in 7 years. You are definately cut out to be an engineering officer. :lol:
  8. Cheers for the positive posts fellas, I will be puttin maximum effort in when AIB comes along. Oh and yes I agree on paper I might just be the most cross trained, sea dodging matelot. But I really have s**t it out of luck when it comes to drafty, two ships in total, both in extensive refits. All I wanted to do was travel the world but now I have just been given a 30 month draft shore side.
  9. Typical Pusser.

    Takes you away from your loved ones and puts you with your wife & family. :cry:

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