My brother in law.

I told Rummers that I was having some time away from the site because of the death of my brother in law, he passed away in January but I have only just found out.
As you know I have little contact with my family ( already documented here ), but phoned the third eldest sister yesterday and she burst in to tears and told me of his passing on. He was not the husband of Brenda but of my eldest sister Cynthia, they had a happy relationship when he worked in York and Washington C.D. and their daughter Getan was born in 1970.
My time away from site still holds, I will have a quick read then log off again.
Some of you may have met Gordon, rest in peace mate, you brought pleasure to so many.

The death of Gordon Bache | Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England) | Find Articles at BNET
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I have a distant situation with my family and i have been through something similar so i understand the mixture of emotions it can bring past,present and future, May your Brother-in-law RIP.
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