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Hi All...not sure if this is the right place to mention this, but I am currently writing a book about my Dad's service during WW2. I have recently applied for his service record and that should arrive any day. Coupled with recently acquired memorabilia and contact with older family members, I have enough info to certainly get it moving. I am trawling through loads of sites (including this one!) for any info I can RAS about units, operations, even oppo's he may have served with. But my biggest regret (apart from losing him at the ridiculous age of just 58) was not listening to him more when he was alive. Watch this space

BTW The book, should I get a publisher, will be entitled 'Six Years For The World'
That's a really nice thing to do. He would so be proud of you. I'd most definitely give it a read. Can't wait for the release...

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