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'My best run ashore'


Beer festival 2001, it was so busy and every day we, like always, were taking make-a-mends. The USS Anzio and cape St.George were docked too. We invited the lads off the Anzio onboard and down to our Messes for a few bevvies. We'd hit the town after, making our way to an irish pub to find out our C.O. was playing the bag pipes (don't ask!). We then stumbled onto a bar/club, I can't think of the name. No one told us the double doors on one side of the bar had a 1 meter drop, so me and 2 jennies made our way outside, needless to say on our arses!

Every night we did that for 1 week! But it was a cracking time!
McHammock said:
Agree with Ratrat, the States has got to be the best - don't even have to work at grippos, baron strangling etc.
"Gee, I really love you british sailors; come home & meet my beautiful 18 yr old daughter, she'll love you too (long time).

Ratrat: wasn't St Petes for chrimbo/new year 1984 in Liverpool was it ?
No - 1982
76 - Vlissingen. Lowestoft went over there for a celebration of De Ruyter. I was on a short exchange posting (3 months) and went on a weekend bender with the Fwd PO's Mess. I can remember most other runs ashore but this one is very, very hazy; therefore it must have been a good one.

78 - Olongapo. Met up with some USN aircrew in Hong Kong and took them up on an invite to fly back on a C-130 to Subic. I'll have to "plead the fifth" on the details!

92 - Port Vila, Vanuatu. I was delivering a large motor yacht to Noumea and HMAS Dubbo came into Port Vila for Australia Day celebrations. Seriously unwell for about 3 days after that one.
Subic - the best, cross the bridge and enter paradise at 18.The street (only one) of Ologapo was what ,a mile and a half long,,,,,,,bars,all bars.
In 72 there was martial law running,every bar had the guard/s with a sawn off.Once inside ,well Ill vouch with the para who posted before.
So you had to be off the street at latetime otherwise shoot.
Next morning at 7 the street was chockablog full of all sorts of marine life stumbling,swearing ,fighting,spewing,and etc,,,,,
Got a bar wedding,the shore patrol locked me up before I took her on her honeymoon,,,well I was 18
HMAS Leeuwin ("Tingira")

This stone frigate, apparently based on Ganges was opened on 13 July 1960 and closed in 1986, ten years after Ganges.

For those of you who would like to learn more of the Ganges twin (which sounds much more humane, particularly the bit about spending weekends with local families, if "adopted") visit the excellent Gun Plot site below:
PartTimePongo said:
What were the best ports and why , where was the best beer and girls?

Let's have your horror stories :)
Travelled all over the world during my 35 years with the pusser and I still reckon there is nothing to beat getting sh!tfaced in your own local. Rubies was a good start.
Naples 1952.

Just completed a NATO exercise and three stalwarts, including a sick bay type, came up with a scam to get freebies at the local brothels. They wore NATO armbands, kitted themselves out with stethascopes and those gadgets for looking in ears. Picture them approaching the Madam telling her they had come to do a medical inspection of the girls, picked the most doggo one and made noises about her not being up to scratch and would have to report this. Madam says you can have a freeby if you don't. Made it through 3 brothels before the penny dropped. Last seen racing down the via Roma chased by an angry mob of minders
Dabs said:
PartTimePongo said:
What were the best ports and why , where was the best beer and girls?

Let's have your horror stories :)
Travelled all over the world during my 35 years with the pusser and I still reckon there is nothing to beat getting sh!tfaced in your own local. Rubies was a good start.

I agree about Rubies, spent most of my Naval career in there,(when not at sea) and most of my naval pay. She was great really looked after her boys.

Best foreign runs, in no particular order, Amsterdam, Penang, Singapore, Gib, Dubai, Mombasa, Corfu and Antwerp.

Best UK: Newcastle, Newport, Cardiff, Swansea and Shoreham

Worst in world: Brest, anywhere in Italy, Hudeida

Cheers, one day I'll tell why they were the best and I'll remember some others.


Maputo was called Laurenco Marques in my day (the day when South Africa was still run by the "Big Bad White Man"). I know why you liked it. Probably the same reason that I did. As a 17year old MN cadet it was a real eye opener - the Street of a Thousand Arrseholes - seamanship leason given after midnight etc. Good pop radio station too, Radio LM. Best in the southern hemisphere. A sort of southern Radio Luxemberg for the homesick. Ah!! Those were to days.
When I was a Skimmer it has to be Bristol and Liverpool,but when I went onto Boats I was on Revenge and during our off crew period I had the chance of a jolly on a Frigate for a week going to Gothenburg.

So 2 of us joined her at Pompey,told the Joss we had never been on a ship before and dossed for 2 days going over there.When we got there they just said to us"See you in 3 days"
I ended up in some Nightclub drinking there piss poor beer and got a taxi back to the Ship with these two Swedish stunners and the next thing I know they told the Cabbie to ignore my instuctions and take me back to there place.

Well all my dreams came true that night with 2 swedish stunners!!
Geoff_Wessex said:
UK = probably Hull

Hull was good as were Cardiff and Newport, but the best for a good submarine run ashore was Dundee, had my first and last submarine runs there and enjoyed both immensely, at least as far as I can remember.

Just about ALL UK visits CAN be good runs, but it depends on a bit of preparation. There's almost always a Naval Liaison Officer for the port you're visiting and if he's worth his salt he can organise just about anything you want - providing you can convince your delegated "Visit Officer" to ask for it in the first place - usually by signal in the past but I'm sure an email nowadays. Anything from sports meetings to a Ships Company Dance, by way of Brewery runs etc.

One of the exceptions to this was Hull, where the ladies of the independent telephone company (Kingston Communications) usually write to the ship/submarine, and even to individual messes, well in advance. Sort of on the lines of.... "You're in port on 16th Match for 5 days, which nights are your Chiefs/POs/JRs/Bunrun having a social? We can bring 30 ladies to each event, or 90 for a Ships Company Dance.... etc"

On the whole, in the UK, small ships and boats have better runs ashore, but some places can cope with bigger vessels.

The only exceptions I can remember would be Southampton (while on the Southampton!), and London (you just get lost there).
I was about to post something along very similar lines Geoff. Small ships or Boats any none Pusser Port. I don't remember ever having a bad run in the UK.
Went to Oz in the Oberon and ended up sleeping in a bunk house on a Sheep Station near the village of Oberon in the Blue Mountains. Our host was 80 years young, still a Pom, who insisted on driving us out on the p.iss every night, the only problem being that He insisted on throwing the pub doors open and shouting something like "Move over you Aussie Barstewards the Poms are here." Luckily they saw the funny side of it.

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