'My best run ashore'


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OK , you can pull up a lifejacket, or whatever it is the Tars say , and spin your dits of the best bars and runs ashore back in the day.

What were the best ports and why , where was the best beer and girls?

Let's have your horror stories :)


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My favorite so far has to be Maputo (Mozambique). The odd thing is I can't put put my finger on why it was such a good run.


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Gibraltar , Charlies Hole in the wall .Ran by Charlie a puff
with a bent Boxer dog .Not my best run ashore , but my first
as a 16 year old green Junior Seaman . Never forget it ,drinking
JC's whilst waiting for my turn to have a tattoo at the parlour
over the road .


Subic 72- nearly a month,only time I looked forward to duty watch,1 in 4.
San Francisco 72 - free love for 7 months.
Mombassa 73 - Sunshine Club - amazing tiger skin mini skirts
Hawaii - 75 - sitting on Waimea Bay beach crackin large tins of Fosters the 750ml,watching the body surfers get hammered by the HHHuge Waves.
Spithead Review 77,cold,windy,cut a long story short I ended up in Havant and Hayling Island ,she was good to marry.
Havant -the White Stag or like?
ps-working on sydney harbour........same same


Agree with UncleAlbert, Newcastle....Time spent in the FP squad led to some cracking runs in UK and Northern European ports (the smaller ports where the 'larger' warships didn't get to go)

".....Old Buntings never die, they just get hauled down and stowed away."


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Tingara said:
forgot to add the timeline,, 18 years old in 72,
Bars -in Olongapo , later
Noticed the name Tingara. Could there be a connection with Ganges as HMAS Tingara was the Oz equivilant. Somewhere in my possesions I have the complete history of the origional sailing ship Tingara


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Has to be Singapore. I was based there on a boat from 1969 - 1971. Went out there again on a boat in 1989 and have been back on hols in 2003, 2004 and 2006 (just got back last week)

Great runs ashore down the ville at Sembawang (Remember buying those sticky greens ?).

Mind you the ville is still there now but now only one bar.


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A swift dozen down the G&D in Gosport then on to the curry house down squeezegut Alley then back to Haslar for last orders and a Burger from the Dolphin Oggy Waggon!


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Looking at it the other way round.....

Bad Run Ashore = anywhere in France...

Good Run Ashore = Anywhere else in the world,

UK = probably Hull
Europe = Hamburg, Lisbon (Gib was always a laugh but I always ended up arrested as a JR, so it was never a fave)
Rest of World... Singapore, Bali (before it had an airport), and New Caledonia among the gems plus Florida (Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach)

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