My Bang & Olufsen...

......Beocentre , CD/Tape/ FM radio has just died , I have had it for 24 yrs so can't complain. Cost just under £ 2000 , I will keep the flat panel spkrs as they still look cool even in this day and age.
Have gone for a Panasonic Midi @ £ 159 which should keep me going till OAP kicks in in 2 yrs time and I can afford some Onkyo separates.
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Had a Beocord 2200, Amp and Speakers 1975/6 cost over £800. Never worked right went back loads of times was never fixed, spending a lot of time at sea didnt help. Guarantee ran out so I opened it up, all Phillips gear in a nice case, could have got the whole lot in a Phillips box for £200, was not happy.

Similar to my set up, I didn't have the turntable
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I am intrigued Top , I will take mine to bits tomorrow and report back. Mine had some hammer over the years so I think I got my moneys worth and I still have the spkrs.


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I'm always intrigued by high end hifi; Have a friend who spent a huge FRI on a music room, all anechoically tiled, sprung floors, eye wateringly expensive components, interconnects - played a CD and it was great but just couldn't say £XX,XXX better than I was used to, Guess its like wine, you can either tell or you can't?
I bought B&O in 1968 and it was great, however ten years later most of the Japanese Hi-Fi was as good or better and the UK built stuff was far superior.
I remember some music fanatis stating that I had been a little stupid payins so much money for a system designed by a .......................................FURNITURE BUILDER:mad:
Well I made a start on the strip down and no makers names but most of the components appear to be English and the rest Danish, went into town for some victuals and came back to find the local pikies had had it away with what was left. This is the latest offering from B & O. Slim, it states that it looks like a piece of furniture.
Looks neat but it's seems to be mono not stereo, I like the sound of trains and aircraft flying from left to right through the walls of me lounge:p
With the money I have saved per month since dumping David Lloyd Leisure (their admin skills are shite) and winter fuel allowance , plus selling my old TV I have been able to purchase a Denon separates combo of DCD and integrated amp coupled with the B&O spkrs the results are bloody good, cost about £320 so well pleased.
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