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My attempt to leave the mob!

Do you think I will make the £50,000 and leave the mob?

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Im currrently serving as a MA - General Service and have had some thoughts abouts leaving.

In an attempt to try and pay off my debts and have enough money to leave and set up a business, ive created a website: in which I aim to make £50,000.

Do you think ill make it? (Its worth a try)

Erm - 2 sponsors in 2 weeks. Its a good idea (even thought its blatantly stolen from the million dollar homepage - which you have the good grace to admit in the FAQs!). However, what is the point when the name of the sponsor doesn't even appear on the front page next to their donation? I guess would be pretty peeved that all they have is a blank space! Also, you make it very difficult to sponsor you - other than the £49 "sponsor the site" page - how do you do it?

Deleted 7

Your advertising needs some work on it, you need to give some sort of incentive to others. You need to have a page that jumps out at you and more information, no offense but the site seems a little boring.

I work for a company that is a big licensee to online gaming, the biggest actaully. And ake it from me, you need to revamp your site to gain a better interest. Please do not take this as an insult but constructive ideas, your highest bidder is 888, have you thought of becoming an affiliate to them. People that come onto your site, they could sign up with 888 and the hits you get with them, you'd earn a little sum from 888.

Basically you need to sell your site, get the punters in for a competition!

Good luck with it xxxxx


23 years old with a 50 grand debt! Wow! Suerly by telling people this they lose confidence in your ability to manage money - let alone be in charge of someones life (life coach). Not having a pop mate but I wouldn't want someone with massive debt sorting my life out for me.


War Hero
This is a joke right?
£50,000 grand in debt? I stay in the mob if I were you, at least you will have a roof over your head for the future, plus Pusser will pay for any educational courses that you require to better yourself.

Deleted 7

Not to become personal but is being in debt that high a reason to why you are leaving the mob?


Lantern Swinger
I doubt your site wil be much help.

Maybe you would be better to declare bankrupt, stay in the mob and let the courts sort out your debt problems.

How on earth does a youngster run up £50k of debt in the first place ?
Sorry to repeat what has been said above, but 50k in debit at such a young age is almost beyond belief. It is going to take one hell of a long time to sort out. What on earth have you spent it on ?!

And again to echo what has been said above, I would certainly not do business with you.

I will offer this very small crumb of advice: Get rich quick schemes NEVER work, and if an offer seems too good to be true...then it is probably because it is too good to be true - you are going to get stung again.

I am sorry to read these posts to you - I hope you get it all sorted out propery.


War Hero
I knew of an MA who had pretty extensive debts in or around the region of £40K You weren't serving on a T23 in about 1997?

Naturally I'm keeping it vague to avoid getting busted by the moderator.
Is this not the corporal RAF that was in the press recentley for robbing a bank,because of his debt,sounds familiar to me.


War Hero
Almost like robbery - without the shotgun! Too many taking this option these days.

Wouldn't mind but quite a few seem to be simple cases of not being able to control their spending / credit card usage rather than the traditional businesses going bust.

Mate I sympathise with you as Ive been in a similar situation. I was in around £45k of debt at your age (dont ask people........).

Im now about to turn 30 and only owe a couple of thousand, so it is possible to sort your life out on your own without relying on get rich quick schemes. I also managed this with a fiance and a child (now my wife and we have 2 kids).

Basically I wrote to all my creditors and explained the situ, then made regular monthly payments. Some of them froze the interest on the account because of this With any extra cash I had I targated my smallest debt first, clearing them off and working my way up.

When I got to around £20k I sold my house and cleared the big loan and then rented a place for a bit. Im now ready to buy another house once the last couple of grand is cleared off.

My advice to you is not to leave the Mob. Either follow the same path as me and gradually chip away at the debt or as others on this thread have advised, declare bankrupcy. If your sequestrated your credit file will be shot to pieces for 6 years, so I would advise staying with the mob for this period of time for job security/peace of mind.

The other option is an IVA (trust deed in Scotland)

Good luck!!


Go with Lings suggestion - Get your self on Pompey Guildhall steps. Should raise a few bucks. Failing that hang round outside Marthas - lot of buisness to be had there (or so I am told)


MA-Ted said:
Im currrently serving as a MA - General Service and have had some thoughts abouts leaving.

In an attempt to try and pay off my debts and have enough money to leave and set up a business, ive created a website: in which I aim to make £50,000.

Do you think ill make it? (Its worth a try)


Having read all these posts slagging this guy off to high heaven, I've reread the post and can't actually see where he says that he's 50,000 in debt. He says he hopes to make 50,000 to pay off his debts, have enough money to leave and set up a business, and that has got him roundly crucified! I'll tell you mate, the very best of luck to you, a damn good idea. If you make the money fair enough, if not, good try!

Mind you, I know it's all a bite! And talk about JAWS! Teehee!
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