My Application Process

Seen a few of these about, and thought I’d join in!

I initially (re)applied for the Royal Marines, but then decided that, post service, they might not be the best option. I then cancelled my application and applied once more for the Mine Clearance Diver. A few weeks later I got a call from my AFCO, stating that there was a 13 month minimum waiting period until I could be offered a date for a fitness test! They then told me if that was what my heart was set on I could apply for another role and then request a branch transfer 4 years into my service and I would most likely get it(here’s hoping). So, I am going in as a Mine Warfare Specialist.

At first I was a little bit wary of the role, but after looking in depth into it, I can honestly say it seems pretty interesting, and the post service capabilities could come in handy.

So after a few weeks of waiting, I received a phone call once more from my local AFCO stating that because my first Psychometric(entry test) test scores were up to standard, I didn’t have to re-take it.

So I was immediately given an interview date. As I had looked in depth into the role I had a fairly decent knowledge of the role and smashed the interview. It helps if you treat the interview as a type of “chat”. Remember they were also once in your shoes and aren’t out to hurt you! Focus more on your self, rather than the core knowledge(although that is important too!).

After passing my interview I was then given a medical date, which I attended in Edinburgh at McNaughton Physio Grange. No problems there and passed that also. The medical includes being weighed, measured, lung strength test, brief sight and hearing test, drug test and general mobility test. Much like the interview, treat this as a test as little you can, it’s still a test! The medical assessor looks to how you react to certain questions and how you react to the hearing test(it can get quite frustrating as you can hear phantom sounds on occasion).

Once the medical was out of the way I got an email off of my AFCO informing me I needed to book and take a fitness test at Nuffield Health Centre within 14 days of receiving the email. The fitness test consists of a 1.5 mile treadmill run at 0% incline in 11mins and 9 seconds (I’m 19 and male). I got 9:45 so I passed.

Now all I have to do is await the date for my PRNC and initial Raleigh date and I’m good to go!

I understand that my process is a little different than some, but I’ve been told that’s due to me being a reapplicant.

I’ll keep you guys updated!

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I have just received a phone call from my AFCO. 21st October is my training start date! Still haven’t got a PRNC date, but I’ve been told that will be booked in the next couple of days.
October is a bit later than I was hoping for, but I’m looking at it as more time to train!

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Hey, I'm the same! Date for Raleigh is 21st of October and I've also signed up for Mine Warfare. Still awaiting my PRNC date and security clearance though.

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