My account of events at PRNC (RNAC) at HMS Collingwood


Lantern Swinger
The day starts at 0545

So day 1 nothing happens in regards to fitness, it's just power point presentations and getting know the staff, trying to stay awake and getting to grips with your bunk

Day 2
2.4k run around 0900 after breakfast, try not to have a big breakfast cos it'll come back up for sure.
Just try your hardest and push push push, they will be watching and will recognise best effort.
After the run you'll get IMF in the gym with the PTI followed by some PowerPoint presentations, boring PowerPoint after boring PowerPoint presentations but they can be interesting if you like that sort of stuff.

Day 3
Ship visit around HMS Dragon, quite interesting for your branch specific interests, meet the crew and get a bit of knowledge on what life is actually like and then brag about their pay so you can be assured you know what your getting yourself into, followed by some PowerPoint presentations and then the swim...

So this was my most nervous bit, we got to the pool and got sat around the edge, we lined up at the end and pencil dropped in, 50 metre swim, get out of the pool and sit down round the edge. After this has been done, you get overalls on very quickly and jump off the edge, tread water for 2 minutes and swim 50 metres then get out, take the overalls off and sit down on the edge. Next is the 3 metre pencil drop off the board, I got shit scared with this but just do it, it'll be over in 30 seconds and then you don't have to do it again until Raleigh! This is the toughest bit for me. Swim circuits and quick change
5 widths front crawl (strict best effort) get out of the pool and then you've got 8 minutes to get changed and outside lined up.
The first bit of the swim is pass or fail and the overalls part and past is not pass or fail, just best effort.

Day 4

Today you'll have your kit muster, don't panic it's not real (it feels very real) do your best and pay attention to detail, it's important - Raleigh gets feedback on all of this!
4k run is actually a 5k run... This has "evolutions" (1 every km)

1.vaulting over the hurdle bars followed by jumping in the mud and crawling underneath them, followed by Body weight laying pull ups (45°)
2. Increasing distance sprints whilst other team were holding high planks and then push-ups when commanded and v sits then teams switch so that the sprinting team do the opposite.
3. planks, commando crawls, bear crawls, alternating in 2 teams, one team does 1 excersise vice versa.
4. 3xcamp sprints, basically sprint up a 4 metre ish hill and sprint round to do it again
5.carry oppo in piggy back position then drag oppo. Then commando crawl, sprint, commando crawls, sprint.

All the while jogging on the spot when waiting to preform evolutions. No rest!

Then off on the last stretch of the run, all in all its very tiring but fun, 100% make sure that you have really pushed yourself (don't injure yourself) before attending PRNC! it's a huge game, it's very fun and you've just gotta get through it and enjoy it! Maximum effort or the staff will pick you up on it!

The best thing for the end run I can suggest is wear very comfy good fitting running shoes, you will need it!

Also if you are considering buying new/expensive shoes for the run don't bother - they will get ruined!!!

Any questions?


Lantern Swinger
They probably weren't actually boring but they ran us ragged throughout so we were all very tired and were just trying to stay awake through the PowerPoints tbh, there were some interesting parts that were specifically relevant to me like pay and branch specific info amongst other interesting info like weapons handling PowerPoints etc but that's it. I just wanted to get the physical aspect taken care of lol. Are you one of the staff at Collingwood? It'd be good to have a catch up if you are!?


Lantern Swinger
which one of the 'evolutions' did you find the hardest?

I found the commando crawls and bear crawls the hardest because before that they had run us ragged and knackered us out.
By that time, all the muscles were aching - we had to do it quick as we possibly could - if they see one person not really putting 100% effort in we all had to do that exercise again! but it was damn good fun! They want grit and determination!


Lantern Swinger
thanks, also about how long after your pjft did you recieve a prnc date?

I had to call them to push it forward because my PJFT happened around the time that their recruiting system shat the bed! Based on this, yours will be a different time frame - mine took just over a month


Hey Genghis!
Just a curious, probably blonde, question but for the 2.4km timed run - is it one by one and they watch, or does everyone run together and you finish soon as you can? Do the PTI's run with you? I was told that they do as they set the pace - that correct? Thanks!!
(got my PRNC this coming Monday and I'm recovering from the flu, so just worried at how I'm going to perform... Will obviously try my absolute best and push harder than I've ever pushed)

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