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MW Branch cyclists raising money for RN & RM Charity and Project Vernon

MW Charity Cyclists

A team of eight MW Branch cyclists intends riding between all of the towns affiliated to Hunt Class MCMVs (past and present). The planned route is approximately 1,500 miles long and the cyclists hope to arrive in Gunwharf Quays (the former location of HMS Vernon in Portsmouth) after a week of hard riding. The riders will be raising money for the RN & RM Charity (RNRMC) and Project Vernon, the campaign to erect a monument at Gunwharf Quays to commemorate the minewarfare and diving heritage of HMS Vernon. Both worthwhile causes have been extremely supportive of this venture which can be followed on twitter and facebook. The team's itenerary is as follows:

  • 19 July: Cattistock
  • 19 July: Dulverton (Stay overnight)
  • 20 July: Berkeley
  • 20 July: Brecon (Stay overnight)
  • 21 July: Ledbury
  • 21 July: Atherstone (Stay overnight)
  • 22 July: Middleton (Stay overnight)
  • 23 July: Hurworth (Stay overnight)
  • 24 July: Brocklesby (Stay overnight)
  • 25 July: Quorn
  • 25 July: Cottesmore
  • 25 July: Bicester (Stay overnight)
  • 26 July: Chiddingfold (May stay overnight)
  • 27 July: Gunwharf Quays

MW Charity Cyclists' Route

The riders would be delighted to see any ex HUNT crew members at the villages/towns/Hunts along the way should anyone live nearby. To sponsor the team online, go to its Virgin Money Giving webpage here.
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Good luck guys

( hmmm....good idea.....Ton Class ? Lewiston to Sobertton via Fittleton?)

For the Cyclists amongst you - who unaccountably have failed to gain a place on this epic journey - BE OF STOUT HEART !

Check this out - Naval bikers keenly sought by fit batchelorette of means......

The SSAFA Ride of Britain

as seen on the khaki site LINKY - if you decide to give it a go .....

The MW charity cyclists are due to arrive at the finish line opposite the crane in Gunwharf Quays, the former site of HMS Vernon, at about 1300 tomorrow (Wed 27 July).

They will be met by Cdre Tim Lowe (Commodore of the Maritime Warfare School who has made a generous donation via their fundraising webpage) and representatives from Project Vernon and the RN & RM Charity (RNRMC).

27 July 2011 MW Charity Riders arrive at Gunwharf Quays 023 Rum Ration.jpg

The team and their support crew crossed the Finish Line at Gunwharf Quays at 1300 this afternoon. CPO(MW) 'Pinta' Beer will also be in the RN team swimming around Portsea Island for charity on Saturday.

There is still time to show your appreciation for their efforts and support their worthy causes by logging on to their charity web page here: mwcharityriders's fundraising page
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