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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Ninja_Stoker, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As with many of us, I attended a local Remembrance service in uniform yesterday.

    One thing that took me by surprise was not one but two people came up to me afterwards & shook my hand. (Obviously keeping those AFCOs Taliban-free for the last 7 years has finally been recognised).

    I thought I'd gone to America for a moment and was contemplating getting my walkie-talkie out to talk to some guy in an OP in the 'ghan... but the vicar blokey told me you're not to shout "In one" when taking communion, but meant to share it. (burp)

    Anyhooo...what, with the PJM now "official", the impending issue of the Diamond Lubbly Jubbly Medal, the fact that some feel repeat tours in Afghanistan should be marked by a bar & the prospect of an Arctic Convoy medal in the offing:

    What medal do you think should have been awarded, but wasn't?
  2. The Helensburgh Big Nancy Survivors medal?

    The Duty Watch Muck-on-a-Truck Survivors medal?
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  3. Basket weaving and crossing the line.

    Oh, and an RNFT gong as some feel the monumental and heroic feat of achieving a pass is something to be praised for.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    One I remember a while back, was (I think) the evacuation of Brits from Lebanon. Those on HMY got a gong but the Fearless (Intrepid?) ship's company didn't.

    The odd thing about medals is that if they are awarded for some but not others it can actually devalue those awarded. A good example was the Royal Marines Apache Recovery in Afghanistan - 3 DFC's, 4 MC's for the pilots, co-pilots & a TA Officer but diddly-squat for the 3 Royals who were hanging onto the outside: RM Commandos Apache Rescue (BBC) - YouTube
  5. Funny thing about medals, I had a lovely day yesterday managed to persuade my little lass to accompany me in No1s at the Remembrance day parade in Liskeard , she was rather self conscious I was half pissed after a few swigs of Pussers from my hip flask. Didn't do the churchy shite bit I pay my respects in my own way, additionally we were in the Legion bar just after 1130 no Q at the bar.
    After the great believers had returned I was busy spinning a few yarns with some old boys when I look around and the Mayors little party had taken not only my seat but my wifes and daughters thinking the fcukers had a god given right to sit were they wished, how sad that Stan was in attendance and a short cry of "who the fcuk do they think they are" from me brought an embarrasing silence. They looked at me then saw Stans little collection of tin and moved deep joy Mrs S embarrased to fcuk. Needless to say I don't intend to be making any applications for planning permission in the very near future. Fcuking parasites.
  6. Hey Ninja does that mean Geoff J will have three with the Diamond Jubilee???
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, It must be getting that way Stan: LSGC, Golden Lubbly jubbly & erm, probably hasn't got any others. he'll be praying HM The Boss stays well until at least February I'd guess.

    Geoff reckons that if you get a Diamond, you can no longer wear the Gold one.
  8. Got some of the old boys asking me what the shiney gold one was I sort of went erm umpph found it in a lucky bag, likewise if I was still serving the diamond one!!! embarrasing tat really. The South Atlantic is the one that matters most to me!!
    Oh yeah there was a CPO submariner tiff the gold shitty jubilee was the only one he had, he's probably not alone if it was me I'd have gone in civvies!!!
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  9. Did 3 ceremonies this weekend (1 on friday, 2 on sunday) and there was a lot of bling on show. 1 old guy had just one medal and when I looked a bit closer it was one of those made up medals for National Service that a company sells which I thought was a bit sad but hey ho.

    Unfortunately for my wallet and head each ceremony ended up in the pub with a certain ex-cox'n that Stan knows well.
  10. Hey Stan

    What about an "I survived Global '86 medal"
  11. Not old Hadley??? why do I feel I've missed out on a run ashore here??
  12. Stop it your'e giving me flashbacks
  13. Just keep taking the medication ....................!
  14. There should be a medal for being a member of the Messdecks And Flats Resistance Organisation (MAFRO). I'd have Bar for mine I reckon.
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  15. How about a medal for staying awake in the mess during golf dits? :sleepy2:
  16. I always found flat scrubbing theraputic especially when I was detailing the cnuts off to do it - so can I have a Bar to mine??
  17. :evil3: What about my medal for service beyond the call of duty during my 1950s draft to West Hartlepool? I did not have the security of a ship or establishment but had to live right out in the midst of it with the natives, with no grippos or rich whites to strangle.:censored:
  18. Beira patrol, Cold War, Cod War, surviving Joannas and Diamond Lils. 1976 tour of The Gut.
    Didn't get a Silver jubilee medal as it was names out of a hat. Mind you, some block called 6 7/8' s got one.
  19. My Dad, 78, 15 years as an RAF armourer, left as a sergeant, me 48, 10 years as a tiffy, not a medal between us. Two seventyish year olds stood next to us, three years between them, more medals than you can shake a stick at! All of them, it turns out, ahem, purchased from some mint on the internet!

    Ah well, they were proud and happy...

    Incidentally I took my son to do a cadet drill display at the local RNA, some sort of celebration with the town mayor in attendance. I helped cart in instruments, etc and thought I'd look around at ships crests and the usual paraphernalia (What looked strangely like the water level control gear from a Y100 boiler...go figure.) I got chatting to a couple of the natives and it turns out hardly any of them had actually served in the Andrew! One's Dad had served as and RM, another one's son was in...What is that about?

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