Must be a fun time at HMS Raleigh!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Deaver, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. By fun time I clearly mean hard time. What do they do when weather is this poor? Use the indoor facilitys or make them eat the snow? Seriously though I felt like a Nomad this morning walking in it, let alone running drills etc on it.
  2. You just crack on as usual.

    This however is what they make you do in the better parts of the Army, I'm the one with the nice arse:
  3. It's actually called HMS Raleigh!

    Quick, correct your title!
  4. Any unit which still makes you wear your rocket packs has a harsh regime indeed :D You were just praying in front of the cook tents, hoping the chef wouldn't make you have seconds weren't you?
  5. Dammit! I normally pride myself on punctuation. Oh well 1/750 typo rate going at the moment. Let's see that rate quickly drop to 1/2 when I start getting drunk and trolling the forum aye?
  6. Were you late for something, or as we say in the Navy, adrift.

    Did you mean punctuation ??
  7. At work at the moment and typing in bursts. Though saying that I've seen more life in a graveyard than I've seen on this highstreet. Punctuation!! That was the word I was looking for. Thank ye kindly. :thumbleft:
  8. This was in basic training, the rocket packs are ditched (or permanently attached to your bergen) as soon as you start the Patrol Selection Course in favour of a nice and shiny OP grab bag or daysack.

    Cook tent? Not in my Regiment. We are either on cold 24 hr rat packs or full sit down dinner with Regimental silver and mess kit. There is no in-between. :D
  9. Slumming it with issue rations, or does nursey make you up a hamper?! :D
  10. Mother has been known to slip the odd snack into my bergen. :D

    I find the best rat pack supplement is pitta bread. It's flat so it doesn't matter how crushed it gets in your kit and it lasts longer than normal bread as it's unleavened. Great for dipping into the boily bags. Other favourites of mine are pepperamis, nuts and the obligatory cereal bars etc.

    One lad brought some caviar and crackers on to a training weekend once which raised a few smiles (and eyebrows amongst the PSIs.)
  11. I hope they do the same as we did in 1963.....get on with it
  12. Maybe they should do that in the Navy, it might get rid off half the retards that join up.
    Nothing wrong with a good thrashing.
  13. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I was under the assumption that caviar, crackers, salmon and champers were part of the HAC's rat packs. :D
  14. Indeed. My favourite one is HAC menu 'Bravo.'

    Fois Gras and crackers.

    Fillet Mignon with dauphinois potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

    Eton Mess.

    We also get Thorntons chocolate instead of that Yorkie crap and a packet of extra soft baby wipes instead of the cheese grater bog roll.

    Obviously everyone over the rank of Lance Private is allowed to take their man into the field in order to help administer themselves.

    Chewing gum is not included in our rat packs and quite rightly so. As my Platoon Sgt once pointed out: ''This is the HAC, we do not sing songs on parade, we do not make jokes about Her Majesty the Queen, we do not vote Labour and we most certainly do not chew gum.''

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