Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by frogman, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. :evil: Isn't it strange how often the word Muslim crops up these days. Muslims responsible for London bombing carnage, Muslims not arrested for hate notices, significant numbers of Muslims living in the UK applaud British Forces deaths, Muslim verbally abuses wounded soldier in hospital, Muslims in London demonstrate against the hated British, Muslim Met policeman deployed to protection duties is alllowed not to protect Israel Embassy.

    The list is almost endless. Want to build another mosque - fine. Want planning permission for a small house extension - no chance. Want to attend leadership courses in the 'Met - OK as long as you are not white.

    Whilst all this goes on, deeper divisions within communities occur, and the man in the street has a sense of helplessness.

    Nostrodamis predicted a massive invasion from the East - everybody thought he meant the yellow horde from China - wrong. He meant the damned Muslims!!!!
  2. [​IMG][/img]
  3. Wise words, it's time we woke up to the threat (think most people are starting to do so now even if they are afraid to say it).
  4. Not wrong shippers,first the prayer room in Windsor Castle,now riots on the streets in Windsor.

    Three nights of violence at dairy

    Mounted police have been patrolling outside the dairy after the attacks
    Police are appealing for calm after three nights of violence at a Berkshire dairy owned by a Muslim family.
    The Medina Dairy in Windsor was hit by a suspected petrol bomb on Wednesday evening, on the third night of unrest.

    Police said they were stepping up patrols in the area around Vale Road and would use "robust policing tactics" to bring the situation under control.

    Three people were arrested on Tuesday and one was later charged with being in possession of an offensive weapon.

    We will not allow any section of the community to be intimidated by mindless violence

    Ch Supt Brian Langston

    Ch Supt Brian Langston said: "This disorder appears to have escalated from a minor disagreement.

    "As a result, we have seen groups of Asian and white local youths gathering in the area of Vale Road.

    "The type of behaviour shown over the past few evenings will not be tolerated by police, and we will not allow any section of the community to be intimidated by mindless violence.

    "Three arrests have already been made and we will continue to use robust policing tactics to deal with anyone threatening public safety."

    Detectives said that a bottle "containing accelerant" was thrown at the front of a business premise in Medina Dairy on Wednesday night, but did not ignite.

    The disorder started on Monday evening following what is believed to have been a minor verbal dispute between a group of youths and another person.

    The owner of the Dairy also wants to build a Muslim mosque and Education center in the town,all for less than 300 Muslims!!!!!
  5. Looks like one of a list of Christian Front orgs to me! I notice in that long list of links they have there is no ChristianWatch site. :roll: Despite the fact that SOME Christians are involved in their own Moral Crusades against any unpopular minority they can get away with scapegoating - and they are CRUSADES! Personally I think that my local Christian Church is a far greater threat than the liberal Muslims I know. BOTH religions believe I should be exterminated anyway - so morally they're just as bad as one another so far as I'm concerned. :evil:

    Roll on secular atheism I say! Long live rationalism, the rule of law and liberalism... I hope the latter two aren't a contradiction... :lol:

  6. Didn't think it would take long for a link to homophobia to be made....
  7. [​IMG]
  8. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I have no problem with people believing whatever they want to believe - from a Christian perspective I think the sooner people start trying to live by the simple tenets of "turn the other cheek" and "live and let live" the better, rather than espousing Old Testament style fire, brimstone, hell and eternal damnation type beliefs.

    The problem is not religion per se, it occurs when people take their beliefs to fundamentals extremes and try to live (and insist others also live) within a religious society based on a strict literal interpretation of outdated concepts.
  9. On the subject of religion!

    My daughter is to be married next year. She went with her fiancee to a church in Hastings, to start the arrangements. However, the vicar, (female), said that she could not possibly marry them in her church, as my daughters fiancee is a divorced man.

    When questioned, the vicar admitted that she is happy to 'marry' homosexuals & lesbians.

    HEADLINE: - Church attendances down - I wonder why!!
  10. That IS hypocritical. Nor can she 'marry' gay couples. She can perform as blessing, but that's all. To be fair to her though, think of Lord Carey's attitude towards even the legitimacy of gay partnerships and then his attitude towards the marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla - nor does he have any problem with Charles becoming Supreme Governor of the CoE!

    Double standard rule these days... as they always have. Now what was it that Jesus said about hypocrites...?
  11. And how many churches these days have 300 members? Is wanting to have somewhere for you and your co-religionists to worship justification for trying to firebomb his business.

  12. I didn't mention homophobia. I just pointed out an ideological fact: both religions' Holy Books advocate extermination, though actually to be fair to Muslims, the Qu'ran is more humane than the Hadith. Also in practice, fewer gays are judicially punished in Muslim countries than in Christian ones! So they balace one another out. Morally I consider Muslims to be no better or worse than Christians, on their record. Look at Zimbabwe, Nigeria or Jamaica for example. Islam at least recognises gays as humans, not dogs.
  13. Probably only because they bum each other off, but then I suppose that would be better than having to gaze under the black hood of camelina :wink:
  14. That was, upon reflection, a bit intemperate of me. I should have pointed out that the Bible does not call us dogs but rather some Archbishops, Cardinals and Heads of State. I should also have included Fiji and Poland on that list.
  15. I believe that the homosexual population brings a lot of problems on itself. I also think that most of us have no problems with homosexuality but do not want it to be in our faces. What goes on behind closed doors with consenting adults is fine. However do not expect me to revel in the spectacle of gay men holding hands and kissing in public. The days of being imprisoned for homosexual offenses have long gone and that is good. However I for one cannot get my head around two blokes having sex and find it abhorrent and unnatural. So by all means do what you have to do but don't minge about being a minority group and expect special favours.
  16. Anyone hear barking? :wink:
  17. I cant see the Christian Church getting planning permission for a Cathederal in Mecca can you?????Why not???Same token why should Englands Green and pleasant land have its Skyline look like bloody Baghdad,with Minarets blotting the skyline???
  18. That's always been my view but unfortunately the PC brigade in this country will have you believe that in order to make people fit in the majority are the ones who need to change their ways. Of course because they're - currently - the minority in this country they don't need to reciprocate. Funny how the minorities in their countries don't get the same privilidges.

    waits for the cries of "2 wrongs don't make a right"

    Fcuking barny!!
  19. Muslim gets 89,300,000 hits on Google. That will keep yooos lot amused for a few days.

  20. Currently being single I don't exactly revel in any forms of public display of affection. Call me bitter and twisted but any couple (or whatever size the group may be) can get a room. :evil:

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