muslims upset?

Type Daily mail into google click on show video, BBC spoof on Show me the way to Amarillo, crap really, but may upset some of the ragheads.
higthepig said:
Type Daily mail into google click on show video, BBC spoof on Show me the way to Amarillo, crap really, but may upset some of the ragheads.
I prefer to call them little Sheetheads, :lol:


Lantern Swinger
higthepig said:
.......... but may upset some of the ragheads.
Higgy hinny, you will learn in time that it is very PC on this site and you mustn't upset the hoards. Ragheads indeed, go back to Navy Oppos. :lol:
You can read what Ratzinger said HERE. See page 2 para 2.

He claims, like his apologists, that he was not seeking to cause offence, yet it is difficult to see how he could expect any other reaction given the thesis he is advancing and the manner in which he presents it. As a scholar he can have been in no doubt about the possible interpretation of his words or the impact they might have upon the Umma, especially in the current theopolitical climate! He has claimed that he was merely citing the Emperor Paleologus, and indeed he kept doing so, but the problem he has is that he is arguing about forced conversion, religion and violence and his selective interpretation of selected texts within Qu'ran. All too familiar I'm afraid. He appears to misinterpret the topos of ji'had!

That's my opinion anyway.
percey99 said:
I am disgusted that mostly SAILORS are using these terrible phrases about fellow english people , We are all suppose to stick together ????
Ratzinger's British? I hope not. Ratzinger who alledges he was "forced" to volunteer for the Hitlerjugend unlike some of his classmates who refused - and nothing happened to them!

I agree broadly with your objection to referring to Muslims as "ragheads" though. It's as bad as calling the English: Sassanachs, the Scots: Jocks, the Irish: Tinkers, the Welsh: sheepshaggers and Italians: cowards. Having said all that I AM a quarter sassanach-quarter sheepshagger half coward and wholly shirtlifter! :lol:
Dear Perce,
This is Diamond Lils, say what like about anything you want, if you`re not a wind up person, and you dont like what you read in here, the answer my friend is simple, fcuk off, go start another thread somewhere.
Why is everyone sooo Fcuking fragile these days....what with people bursting into tears on X Factor 'cos their life long dream of being a pop singer (and they are only 16) comes to nothing 'cos they are crap!!....Boolo friggin hoo!

I remember my first time in a messdeck, you developed a thick skin, and it was human nature to take the piss over differences....and it could be brutal at times....but they would always have your back!

Most people who get offended by comments on this site tend to take offence on behalf of someone else. May in an attempt to be PC....personally i prefer people to say what they think and if they can be creative with language (a skill that most Matelots have in abundance)...then all the better..

Rant ends!
To paraphrase Marx, Groucho I think:-

Shirtlifters of the World Unite!
Sheepshaggers of the World Unite!
Eyeties of the World Unite!
Pongos of the World Unite!
PCs of the World Unite and last but not least...
Matelots of Diamond Lil's Unite... but what as I don't know :roll:

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