Muslims too sensitive ?

I used to work as a PT for a local health centre, and on Wednesday's, it was Muslim women only in the pool, and they wer allowed to swim fully clothed, and we had to black out all the windows with bin bags.

Excuse me, but I think this is taking the piss.
Does anyone else agree?
Yes, but I don't know the Sharia Laws that they were obviously adhering to. I can only assume that to them, it was the proper thing to do, therefore perfectly normal :)
talking about turning the water colour; one women dived in fully clothed and left a big black streak behind as she swam.
All i can say is "thank **** for clorine"
kingoftwigs said:
Oil_Slick said:
pjmliverpool said:
Excuse me, but I think this is taking the piss.

No… if you take the piss in the pool a chemical turns the water purple…

:lol: :lol: :lol:
Has that really ever happened, I've heard rumours but never seen it!

When I was a kid and used to do a lot of swimming, every year we'd go over to Germany for a sort of tour, and quite a lot of their pools had that dye in them :oops: :grin:

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