Muslims get Queens medal banned

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by wet_blobby, May 9, 2009.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Because it's to "Christian"...some people really do need to wake up and smell the coffee.

    ...And never wanting to miss a chance to show her ignorance,

    "in a similar case last year a Scottish National Party representative Christine Grahame, a member of the Scottish Parliament, said the George Medal, the highest civilian award for bravery, was "clearly very Anglocentric" and unsuitable for Scots. She suggested replacing it with a nationalist award such as a "St Andrews Medal".

    You cant make this stuff up.... :roll:
  2. :sad3:

  3. For once I was about to join the rest of you in apoplectic outrage...until I saw this:

    So in other words the decoration would not have been banned in the UK, but citizens of a foreign country which is still a member of the Commonwealth have pushed for a ban because they have a (very) different constitution to our own. The Queen isn't even their head of state any more - as per the 1976 constitution - they have an elected President. The only thing this has got to do with us (and indeed the Queen these days) at all is the fact that Trinidad and Tobago have retained the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council as their highest Court of Appeal and they remain a member of the Commonwealth.

    On that basis I hardly think it's 'shameful' as one poster put it; however if wiki is to be believed Trinidad itself is named after the Holy Trinity, so it seems rather odd to make an issue out of a decoration. But then that's for them, nowt to do with us.

    But agree totally on the SNP :wink:
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    ...Did you read this bit?

    "A parliamentary review of British honours has already recommended streamlining the system with new titles that have no reference to Christian saints or symbols."

    The rot has started.
  5. Yes I did read it. That will be the review by the Public Administration Select Committee in 2004, the report of which was promptly thrown in the bin by the government. Bringing up a 2004 review which the government then rejected is characteristic of the scaremongering tone of the piece, on an issue which has almost nothing to do with Britain. The Times also mentioned the review but at least pointed out it took place five years ago. Even the quotes from the Cabinet Office have been taken out of context. Typical journo hatchet job, which is now being repeated verbatim as gospel on a number of blogs. If the rot has started then this cobbled together misleading bit of nonsense isn't evidence of it.
  6. This jock clearly doesnt realise the medal was named after the British monarch at the time of its f***king inception not the patron saint of England, WHAT A F**KING MORON!!!!!!!
  7. Looking at the link I was delighted to see that Andrew geezer's gong collection is coming along nicely.
  8. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Leaving the ignorant Scotch nitwit out of it, Trinidad has a population which, disregarding minorities, is half ex-African who are basically Christian and half ex-Asian who are Muslim and Hindu. Underneath this present issue is, I think, the political animosity between these two groups, the Afro half seeing the Asians getting on in business and making money and the Asians having their own feelings against the Afros. Rather like Guyana the Govt swings between the two. Mauritius is another typical example of an Afro/Asian split. However having a top award where individuals selected for it might feel compromised in its acceptance, is obviously unhelpful to national unity and national pride. The whole thing is nothing to do with the UK except the Privy Council role as ably explained by shipsnthat. There's a good history of Trinidad (discovered and so named by Columbus) by Dr Williams, sometime T&T PM. Ours since 1797 thanks to the RN.
  9. I'm not even remotely religious - but even I think this is ridiculous. It's our system, we were here with it!
  10. Ye Gods the next thing to go will be my pork rashers with 2 free range eggs easy over. :evil:
  11. I hope to God when Cameron gets in next year he scraps this stupid Human rights law and PC crap.No ladders to get books,no cops riding a bike unless trained I despair of what we have become.
    All the Tories have to say is that we will go back to being a common sense country and he will walk it.
    Oh! and build a special prison at Whale Island for Human rights lawyers,especially that woman one who has a face like Jack Palance,if ever anyone needed a good Jack Tar reaming it's that one.
  12. He is hardly likely to do that, as like Gordon's Gang half of his MP's are probably lawyers but I say a pox on the lot of them and their houses of which they have many.
  13. Ahh yes that is true, but as the Muslims out breed the followers of other religions, this will become more and more prevalent.

    The "rot" has indeed started. Bugger.

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