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Muslims at Sea , National Maritime Museum


From Barbary Pirates to Brick Lane...

Saturday 10th September
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

Book tickets at:
The sea has played a major role in Britain’s long and fascinating relationship with Islam: find out about Sinbad the Sailor; famous Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta; pirate queen Sayyida al-Hurrah; beautiful Arab dhows; English sailors who converted to Islam; the first Muslim communities in Australia, and much more.

Britain, Islam and the Sea: Highlights from the Museum’s collections

Why has the sea been so important to Britain’s long and fascinating relationship with Islam? Hear from historian Aaron Jaffer, author of ‘Lascars and Indian Ocean Seafaring, 1780-1860: Shipboard Life, Unrest and Mutiny’ about paintings, prints, photographs, ship models and other objects in the Museum collection which reveal stories of Muslim seafarers. Find out about Sinbad the Sailor, Arab dhows, Barbary pirates, British sailors who converted to Islam, the first Muslims in Australia and much more.

Panel discussion chaired by Hassan Mahamdallie of The Muslim Institute. Panellists include street artist and founder of Soul City Arts, Mohammed Ali, and Surgeon Commander Mansoor Khan of the Royal Navy.

Muslim Sailors aboard British ships: 300 Years of Faith, Adventure and Resistance (Caird Library)

What was life like for Muslim sailors who worked aboard British ships? How did faith influence their experience of the sea? This is an opportunity to see recently-discovered photographs, not yet available to the public, showing Indian seamen from the 1920-30s. Get a close-up look at other treasures from our archives, including sketches and hand-written diaries, about everything from fasting and prayer, to shipwreck and uprisings.

Muslims and the Stars

Centuries before their European counterparts, Muslim astronomers were developing sophisticated astronomical instruments, including astrolabes. Make your own astrolabes and learn about the Museum’s collections of Islamic astronomical instruments.

View Indian Ocean Seafarers: Unseen photos of merchant seamen from the British maritime world, 1891-1961 and to hear from the volunteer curators of the Brick Lane Circle.

Muslim Sailors aboard British ships: 300 Years of Faith, Adventure and Resistance

Book at:
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