Muslim women abuse soldier at troops hospital

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by ukdaytona, Jun 11, 2007.

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    If this does not prove that those serving members of the Armed Forces and Veterans should be given treatment in a more 'secure' area away from the general public then yet again the NuLabor really dont excel themselves....

    And quotes from the Local MP dont help either

    (But the Labour MP for Selly Oak, Lynne Jones, refused to back calls for more secure facilities for troops. She said: "The soldiers seem to want a little empire consisting of their own designated staff and facilities, a fiefdom.
    "The point of basing the Centre for Defence Medicine at Selly Oak was to make the most of the range of experience here. The priority should always be the standard of clinical care. "When I’ve visited the military ward it has been cluttered with staff." )

    Wonder if we should get a petition going for her to resign, oh hang on a minute, she is Labour and its never their fault...

  2. Words fail me.... I honestly dont know what to say to that. It makes me feckin sick.
  3. If we Infidels are so bad then why do so many Muslims choose to live amongst us. This small minority of Muslims do not represent the majority. However I do question why the majority remain silent and refuse to condemn them.
  4. I seem to remember this was reported on a few weeks ago..............

    However I believe its totally out of order, just begs the question if it were three christian women going at a male muslim. I suppose it would never happen in our PC world.

    I personally feel disheartened for the troops who are at selly oak - if they had not got enough to deal with being injured and then getting hassle from damn johnny foreighner.....

    creakin :shakefist:
  5. Okay, to say that makes me angry is a farkin understatement!!!

    Ive actually written a response and deleted it 3 times now, purely because my opinion on this would most likely be quoted by any journos that happen to read the thread!!

    ABSOLUTELY FCKN SHOCKING!!! As for that Lynne Jones bint, she needs a good slap (with a cricket bat!!) :shakefist:
  6. If it had been three wive just leaving their husbands in the hospital having a go at a Muslim in the full kit it would have been called racism I fear, and thats what it was in this case, the good chap may be being very dignified by not having it followed up but in my opinion it should have been, what good enough for them is good enough for us. If we are to have zero tolerance on racism then we need it to be for every one not just some parts of the community. Good grief if it had been three proddies up here having a go at a catholic priest we would have had all hell to pay.
  9. No doubt Ms Jones, the reason the military ward is cluttered with staff, is because any visit you would have made to Selly Oak, would have been of a professional nature. It's just a shame the Labour government can't welcome home UK troops and look after them in the same way that the staff at Selly Oak, no doubt, looked after you on your 'numerous' visits!!
  10. Need any more be said ?
  11. They can be auto filtered out. Now 3000 letters is another matter!
  12. We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Demand the
    resignation of Lynne Jones MP

    I write in disgust about comments made by Lynne jones MP for
    Sellyoak following an incident whereby a serving soldier was
    abused by 3 muslim women. Comments by her such as "quote" "The
    soldiers seem to want a little empire consisting of their own
    designated staff and facilities, a fiefdom" are unhelpful and
    to be honest damned disgusting. The labour government seem to
    forget that they sent these personnel to war in the first place
    so therefore they should receive the best possible care and
    attention should they be injured. Further comments such as
    "When I’ve visited the military ward it has been cluttered with
    staff." are possibly correct. You are the MP for the said
    hospital, therefore the NHS will lay on a show for you in order
    to attain future funding etc. You seem to forget that there was
    a recent episode where a soldier was left lying in his own
    excrement for hours which in my experience of working in an A&E
    ward points to understaffing on this particular ward. On this
    matter i respectfully ask for a retraction/apology from Lynne
    Jones or indeed an immediate resignation..

    Thank you for submitting your petition.
  13. Can't find the petition. What section is it in?
  14. As i said fellows, its awaiting approval, will get it on here as soon as possible
  15. Not sure if i havent biffed up here. However i feel quite strongly about this so will see it through and get back to you as soon as possible

  16. Lovin your work Steve.
  17. Youve got my vote mate, along with eveyone else I know.......

    BURN THE WITCH!!! :thumright:
  18. Thing is, to my eternal shame i used to protect diplomats in another life (had a few) and knew most of the labour MPs when they came into power in 1997. They were so full of optimism and i thought they could do so much for the UK. I even sat and had tea with Claire Short, i woman of integrity i thought. How wrong we can be..


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