Muslim woman juror contemp of court


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Jack_McHammocklashing said:
I bet nothing is done, would not want to offend the incomers

Here in Fife someone in the public gallery at the sheriffs court, their mobile phone wrang two rings, he was taken down to the room, until the courts day session had finished, then summoned to the sheriff who jailed him overnight

Of course he was not in fancy dress or he would have been sent home in a paid for taxi, and apologised to for consuming his time

I just wish I had jumped ship in OZ all those years ago with Bazz Hicks, He has a small sheep farm now (200 sq miles)

Now I bloody hate the country I served , and the crap I have left my grand children with leaves a bitter taste

Sad to read such bitter words but justified Im sure and in the minds of many others . Although I didn't jump ship I did pay off in Oz and have no regrets . I must confess I do sometimes miss all that was good in the Old Country but would not like to see it now from what I read and hear. Best o' luck Jack

Backpacker1uk said:

To be fair, she is a hippapotapig.

I think the judge should demand she cover up her eyes and hands as well, the minging cow.

Sometimes the fancy dress is justified.

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