Muslim woman juror contemp of court

brigham600 said:
Its Britain and nothing surprises me anymore. I would wager she gets away with it or has a little slap on the wrist so as not to 'upset' her kind.

My own personal feeling is that she should be slung in jail for contempt.

How much longer are we going to let women like her continue to flout the law so blatently.

Well the judge has had her arrested and ordered an investigation, that would appear to be to give him the justification for a significant punishment. They tend to consider such actions as a personal insult as well as contempt. If he was just ging to give her a telling off I suspect he would have done that on the spot.


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andym said:
Hope they throw the book at her!WTF were they doing letting her wear the Veil in a Court anyway???I thought you had a jury of your Peers?

Well she was peering through her head dress it appears


Got to admit, the old muslims really don't do themselves any favours. This big victim attitude they seem to have developed lately really grinds my ******* gears!


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maybe we should have a caveat in british law that a person may be tried according to their relegious beliefs if they insist that their beliefs are paramount in the way that they live their lives. Maybe a few trials under sharia law would make them sit up and pay attention
flatbackpinky. I can well understand your sentiment and it would serve the buggers right. Regrettably, that is exactly what some of the religious zealots would welcome. A Muslim state within a state. That would pox off the native Brits in very short time and if we thought the Balkans were a blood bath, I suggest that poxed off Brits are to be avoided.

I suspect that, given the opportunity to hide it, your average chavess/pikeyette would happily play their MP3 toys during Jury service. It isn't just the Muslims that see Civic duty as something that's not their concern. Now there's a word; duty.


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i know what you mean loggie maybe i should rethink my idea ....... ok here goes everyone is tried under the samee system but punishment is cross referenced with your stated religous code . You receive the more severe sentance everyones happy and we can all get to see a few stonings on a friday lunch time, maybe i could get a nice income from builders rubble ?
I bet nothing is done, would not want to offend the incomers

Here in Fife someone in the public gallery at the sheriffs court, their mobile phone wrang two rings, he was taken down to the room, until the courts day session had finished, then summoned to the sheriff who jailed him overnight

Of course he was not in fancy dress or he would have been sent home in a paid for taxi, and apologised to for consuming his time

I just wish I had jumped ship in OZ all those years ago with Bazz Hicks, He has a small sheep farm now (200 sq miles)

Now I bloody hate the country I served , and the crap I have left my grand children with leaves a bitter taste