Muslim prisoners sue

When one has commited a crime found guilty and imprisonned then, all rights should go out of the window
You should have your family bring in food, or family pay for your food just as they would if you were at home

With the money supplied by the families

A soup kitchen would be provided, where you eat what you are given
preferably for prisoners Rancid Pork Sannies, with Pussers Pea n Ham soup

There should be no TV, pool, snooker, or other entertainment possibly use of an SRE SYSTEM a black box speaker with three channels sw1 radio 4 sw2 radio 2 sw 3 prison radio service, with governors rules and announcements Oh no! did I serve MY COUNTRY at sea or was I a prisoner?

Jack McHammocklashing
And all because of our leading wanker Brown who bows to every whim they demand.
God I bet the nobber is under his wifes thumb at home, yes dear, no dear, sorry dear, I'm washing the dishes now dear.

It's strictly forbidden to commit the crimes they did, but they did them anyway.

I find I am starting to get rather racist of late, not against blacks, but against middle eastern dickheads.
I reckon the Iranian president sends them here purposly to cause trouble.
Whilst I agree that a prisoner shouldnt have the right to sue anyone when they are banged up, I have to question the wisdom of the fool who decided it would be a good idea to offer them product of pig knowing full well it would be contrary to religious beliefs. This kind of thoughtless action is just what the human rightists hunger for and make their fortunes from. Going slightly off this simple sailors mind this groups legal action is an abuse of the Human Rights Act, the sooner the act is reviewed and adjusted to prevent this abuse the better.
I totaly agree with this - 'If they were so principled about their beliefs then they wouldn't have put themselves in prison in the first place'

'More than 200 Muslim inmates' Anyone would think its the Middle East.

Whats wrong with UK?
Very emotive stuff, this food...

However, if I were the judge involved, I would simply have them removed from British soil and sent back to whence they came from or where their forefathers originated from...and ask the authorities to carry out the remainder of their sentences or not... :threaten:

Or if we want to be very accommodating to ethnic groups who serve time, then bring in the Muslim punishment system, and ask them what they would prefer, time in a cell or the loss of a hand, stoning, flogging or hanging...that would shut them up...and we would be seen to be very PC about it... :hockey:
I have a great idea to stop these poor little darlings being given such a tardy choice of menu.

Fcuk off back to the Middle East where you belong and take the rest of your fcuking family with you while you are at it. This is a Christian country and we don't do Ramadan, so ram a dan it up your posterias.

Think I shall sue the RN for feeding me tinned sausages during the Falklands as I wanted a proper meal and not tinned food as it messed up my constitution. ;-)
The Daily Mail said:
He claimed that some inmates were so hungry they ended up eating the sandwiches
Just goes to show when it becomes a choice between principles or starve, then religious morality goes out of the window. I do however think that whoever devised this menu for Ramadan obviously wasn't thinking properly and hence caused unintentional offence. Moreover s/he just demonstrated successfully how much we either know of Islam or take any notice of it.

I consider such blatant ignorance unacceptable not because of any concern of the rights for the prisoners, but because reported incidents such as this (regardless of truth) will help to fuel the fires of terrorism. The very last thing anyone in this country wants is another young twit to read too much into this media hype and blow himself up and whoever happens to be around him at the time.
so as muslims do these thieves want to be tried under sharia laws? doubt it as they would be walking around with no fucking hands.

So when jack, percy & crab signs away most of their human rights thats ok but woah betide anyone upseting the ragheads. :[email protected]
Since leaving the mob I've worked in Saudi, Bahrain, Qatar and Dubai. Never, ever had a problem with muslims. Met some great people. Only in KSA can you not drink openly. It's their country so we went along with it, just making our own behind our compound walls and not giving anyone any bother. And then you come home and have to put up with all this shit. I feel sorry for all the hard-working, moderate muslims here who are painted with the same brush.

I suppose that basically because we are too liberal and there are too many left-leaning do-gooders, the radical elements in the muslim community try it on, and get away with it. Usually along with a nice fat compo cheque. They wouldn't get away with it where they come from so why, oh why are we so pathetic?

Reminds me; I was in KSA, working in a military base, and at Christmas they warned us not to have impromptu carol services in our accommodation, or to send Christmas cards, because Christianity is actually illegal over there. No problem. But then you come back and there's a mosque on every street corner and they're asking for all sorts of concessions here. WTF? Soft as shit, our leaders...

(except when I'm speeding in my Jag!)
As a post-script to my last post: I've just done a one-year contract in Gib. There, christians, jews and muslims all rub along together without the slightest bit of tension. It's a good example of a multi-cultural society getting on together. Easier admittedly in a small place but why can't we scale it up a bit for here? As far as I can see it only needs good discipline and a clear vision of how to manage society.

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